Today's industry standard servers utilize 64-bit processors that typically incorporate from 2 to 16 CPU cores. Modern datacenters are stacked with hundreds to thousands of rack mounted servers. The enterprise market also consumes large quantities of servers for corporate applications. In both markets performance, energy efficiency and reliability are the primary operating concerns.


Power Management

Because servers are typically stacked within a closed environment ranging in size from an office closet to a huge datacenter, power efficiency is a key concern. More efficient power conversion results in less heat generation and higher long term reliability. Higher efficiency can significantly lower operating costs while increasing the utilization of the operating space in large datacenter applications.

We provide the industry's most efficient PMICs for industry standard servers. Please contact a Maxim Sales Representative for more information.

Our state-of-the-art, scalable, 48V direct conversion power distribution solution breaks the efficiency, density and transient performance barrier of the typical two-stage implementation by performing a single-stage conversion (48V-to-load) using integrated power and magnetics. 48V direct-to-load conversion eliminates one power conversion stage and, in rack implementations, reduces distribution power loss by a factor of 16 over 12V architectures.

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Featured Products

6A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module


Provides fixed-frequency voltage regulator for space-constrained applications.

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Accurate 8-Channel Temperature Sensor


This precision multichannel temperature sensor monitors its own temperature and the temperatures of up to seven external diode-connected transistors. All temperature channels have programmable alert and overtemperature thresholds.


Maxim provides custom and application specific power management solutions to data center customers who specify and build their own communications and processing infrastructure.

Maxim offers the industry’s highest power densities, highest efficiencies, and highest integration in switch mode voltage regulation products.

If you have high volume data center power management applications please contact a Maxim Sales Representative for more information.