Optical Networking

Optical communication networks use fiber optic cable and laser LEDs to provide high speed data communication channels for wide area networks and smaller, high capacity, campus or data-center communication networks.

The interface to the optical cable requires specific physical layer drivers and receivers and specialized controllers to manage signal conversion. Our in-house SiGe BiCMOS process allows us to provide a full family of laser drivers, controllers, transimepdance amplifiers (TIAs), limiting amplifiers, and timing circuits for optical networking.


Optical Transceivers

We offer optimized physical media ICs for every optical application, including laser drivers, transimpedance amplifiers, limiting amplifiers, clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits, serializers, and deserializers. Our optical module ICs support Ethernet, SONET/SDH, SFF/SFP, SFP+, and QSFP+ standards. We provide the most complete product line of PON (EPON, GPON, GEPON) solutions.

Optical Transceivers for Optical Module Applications

Featured Products

High-Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator with 5A Switches


98% efficiency with I2C interface for single-cell Li-ion battery-powered applications.

20A User-Configurable Quad-Phase Buck Converter


91% efficiency with 3.4MHz high-speed I2C and 30MHz SPI interface, optimized for single-cell battery-powered applications.

11.32Gbps Transceiver with Dual CDRs, Digital Monitors, and DC-Coupled Laser Driver


This 11.3Gbps, highly-integrated, low-power transceiver with dual CDRs, and digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) is designed for next-generation SONET transmission systems.

Low-Power Transimpedance Amplifier for 10GBASE-SR Applications


This device is a low-power transimpedance amplifier incorporating an automatic gain control (AGC) architecture and is designed for optical transmission systems at data rates up to 10.3125Gbps and for use with PIN diodes.

Optical Microcontroller


This 16-bit microcontroller with a unique peripheral set supports optical applications that require high-resolution conversion of many analog signals and digital signal processing (DSP) of those signals, high-speed data communication to an external host, and ultra-low power dissipation.

SFF/SFP Laser Driver with Extinction Ratio Control


This laser driver is designed for multirate transceiver modules with data rates from 1Gbps to 4.25Gbps. Lasers can be DC-coupled to the MAX3738 for reduced component count and ease of multirate operation.


Our optical communication solutions provide additional information on designing passive optical network (PON) infrastructure products, including examples and block diagrams of typical designs

Passive Optical Network (PON)

PON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) RF Video Overlay PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) Line Card

PON Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

Power Multiplexer Battery Management POL Switching Power Linear Regulator Power PMIC Power Management Thermal Management DC-DC Boost Converter Silicon Oscillator Optics PMD Video TIA USB Switch Ethernet PHY RF Amplifier Gain Control Wi-Fi® RF + AFE RS-232 Interface LNA

PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) Line Card

POL Power Power Management Thermal Management Interface Real-Time Clock Key Switch Controller SHA-1 Security DDR Power Level Translator Hot Swap Signal Integrity Precision Timing Silicon Oscillator Crosspoint Switch SerDes/CDR/CPA Optics PMD