Power Management and Lighting

The number of powered control modules, sensors, actuators, and motors distributed throughout today’s automobiles has increased markedly within the last decade. This has increased the need for more diverse power management and voltage regulation circuits. We offer many types of PMIC, DC-DC converter, and voltage regulator devices for automotive power management and lighting applications.

Automotive lighting, both external and internal, is turning to LED technology for dependable and long lasting illumination. We offer a wide range of LED drivers to reliably regulate the power to LEDs in automotive lighting applications.


ECU Power Management and Voltage Regulation

As increasing numbers of control modules, sensors, and actuators are distributed throughout the vehicle, voltage regulators and DC-DC converters are needed to manage the power at the point of load in each device.

Automotive PMICs
High Voltage (Direct Battery Connect) Step-Down Switching Regulators
Low Voltage Step-Down Switching Regulators
Step-Up Switching Regulators for Automotive
Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive

Exterior and Interior Lighting

LED driver ICs for automotive applications offer features such as wide dimming ranges, fault tolerance, and EMI reduction circuitry to save space and cost.

Exterior automotive lighting applications include headlights, taillights, rear combination lights (RCL), and daytime running lights (DRL). Interior lighting applications include general purpose interior lighting, dashboard lighting, and display backlighting.

We supply industry-leading AEC-Q100 qualified switching regulators (SEPIC, boost, buck/boost) specifically for automotive lighting.

AEC-Q100 LED Drivers, Exterior Applications (Headlight, RCL, DRL)
AEC-Q100 LED Drivers, Interior Applications (Interior Lighting, Display Backlighting)

Featured Products

High-Voltage HB LED Driver


Saves space and cost in automotive applications


ECU Power

PMIC Memory Power LV Step-Down DC-DC LDO V/I Protection HV Step-Down DC-DC

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