Automotive Display Power

Automotive displays are getting bigger and brighter, delivering sharp images of the surrounding environment, automotive controls, and infotainment options. As automotive OEMs bring more autonomous vehicle functions to market, automotive displays will continue to play a critical role. To design an effective automotive display, you have to address (within the space constraints of these designs):

  • Higher power requirements
  • Lower VIN requirements
  • Functional safety standards
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Our portfolio of automotive display power ICs addresses each of these challenges. Highly integrated devices fit into the small spaces of display designs. ICs with local dimming provide very high contrast ratios that make display colors more crisp and vivid, helping to minimize driver fatigue. Compliance with the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) mitigates common voltage-related fault scenarios for higher reliability. Features such as spread-spectrum frequency modulation, phase-shifting, and gate slew rate control help reduce EMI.

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Automotive Display Power Featured Product Table

Key Benefits Product Description Sample Order EV Kit
ASIL B, functional safety and low Vin MAX25024 Automotive Low Input Voltage I2C 4-Channel 150mA Backlight Driver Supporting ASIL B Sample Buy Buy
More Integration MAX16923 Automotive 4-Output Display Power Solution with Watchdog   Buy Buy
More Integration/Low EMI MAX20069 Automotive I2C-Controlled 4-Channel 150mA Backlight Driver   Buy Buy
Bigger Display/Low EMI/Hybrid Dimming MAX20446 Automotive 6-Channel Backlight Driver Sample Buy Buy
Bigger Display/Low EMI MAX20056B 6-Channel Integrated High-Brightness LED Driver Sample Buy Buy
Local Dimming MAX21610 Automotive 16-Channel 100mA Local Dimming Backlight Driver   Buy Buy
Low EMI/Hybrid Dimming MAX16813 Integrated, 4-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver Sample Buy Buy
More Integration MAX20444 Automotive 4-Channel 130mA Backlight Driver   Buy Buy
Low EMI MAX20067 Automotive 3-Channel Display Bias IC with VCOM Buffer Sample Buy Buy

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