Automotive infotainment systems provide distribution and playback of audio and video signals. They must frequently display the operating status of the vehicle and external driving information, such as visual navigation directions, location, informational messages, and environmental data. The feature sets required by automotive infotainment systems have expanded greatly over the last decade. We offer a wide range of analog ICs that significantly enhance the performance of these popular automotive systems.


Power Management for Infotainment

Power management ICs for automotive infotainment need to offer high switching frequencies to minimize the solution size. In addition they should minimize electro-magnetic interference (EMI). Typically located in the Radio Head Unit (RHU) and entertainment control modules, these ICs are usually attached directly to the main battery. They should, therefore, be able to handle high input voltages (> 36V) and to reliably survive load dump events through the life of the vehicle.

High-Voltage Step-Down Switching Regulators (Automotive-Qualified)
Low-Voltage Step- Down Switching Regulators (Automotive-Qualified)
Linear Regulators (Automotive-Qualified)

Display Power

Liquid crystal displays of many sizes are finding their way into the center console of the modern automobile. These displays require brightness controls with a wide dimming range and must operate in a low EMI environment. Our display power ICs and backlight drivers have been designed with this in mind.

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Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Our low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) with adjustable gain control capture and process signals at the antenna. We offer solutions for AM/FM/DAB broadcast radio and GPS/GNSS satellite navigation.

Low-Noise Amplifiers for Automotive Infotainment

RF Tuners/Receivers

We deliver high-integration radio, navigation, and television tuners and receivers for your vehicle infotainment system design.

DAB or Sirius XM tuners convert digital radio signals to digital I/Q output with low power consumption.  Digital TV tuners convert broadcast ISDB-T and DVB-T signals to a low-IF signal using a broadband I/Q downconverter. The operating frequency range covers the VHF and UHF broadcast TV bands from 90MHz to 862MHz.

For navigation systems, our complete GPS, GLONASS, Compass, and Galileo front-end IC (MAX2769B) simplifies navigation system design.

Digital Radio Receivers
Automotive TV Tuners
GPS Receivers

Video Distribution

Our GMSL serializer-deserializer (SerDes) high-speed video links provide an optimal solution for connecting head-unit video data to rear seat entertainment consoles.

GMSL SerDes for Automotive Infotainment

Mobile Device Charging and Protection

Today most vehicle owners have a mobile smart device or transport people who do. These low-power devices frequently become personal entertainment or communication equipment during the drive. Thus, battery charging outlets are becoming standard equipment in most vehicles.

USB Host Charger Adapter Emulators 
USB Charger Detectors 

Featured Products

4-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver with High-Voltage DC-DC Controller and Battery Disconnect


Multi-String Driver Provides High Efficiency and Complete Fault Protection While Minimizing External Components

3.12Gbps GMSL Serializers


Enables use of coax cables, reducing weight and cost of cabling in automotive infotainment.

3.12Gbps GMSL Deserializers


3.12Gbps GMSL Deserializers for Coax or STP Input and MIPI CSI-2 Output

Direct-Conversion DAB Tuner


Facilitates low-power, tuner-on-board designs

Spread-Spectrum Clock


Supports wide frequency range and reduces EMI; perfect for instrument clusters

Robust ESD Protection and Charging IC


Automotive connectivity enabled with robust charging

USB Host Charger Adaptor Emulator and DC/DC Converter


Integrates voltage compensation to deliver maximum charge current to portable devices

LED Backlight Driver with Wide Dimming Range


Meets automotive display brightness requirements

Infotainment Power


Highly integrated automotive PMIC provides three step-down outputs


The block diagrams below make it easy to find the best device for your design. Click a block on any of the following diagrams to view our recommended products.

Radio Head Unit

AM/FM LNA Bluetooth LNA GNSS LNA Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS) Bluetooth Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) GNSS Phantom Power Antenna Protect DC-DC Converter Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator Overvoltage Protection Supervisor Oscillator Serializer Deserializer Level Shifter USB Audio Line Receiver Microphone Amplifier Keypad Audio Line Driver Audio Class D Amplifier Audio Headphone Amplifier Serializer Cellular/WiFi LNA Power-Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)

Rear Seat Entertainment

Audio Line Driver Audio Interface USB Supervisor Serializer Overvoltage Protection Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator Point-of-Load (PoL) DC-DC Converter Power-Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) Audio Interface Supervisor Headphone Amplifier Deserializer Serializer DC-DC Converter Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator Display Power-Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Backlighting

Navigation Systems

Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) Phantom Power Antenna Protect Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) GNSS Receiver Integrated Display Driver Display Power VCOM Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Backlighting USB Supervisor Oscillator Real-Time Clock (RTC) Level Shifter Deserializer Serializer Audio Amplifier Audio Amplifier DC-DC Converter Load Disconnect Overvoltage Protection Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator Power-Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)

TV Tuners

Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) Tuner DC-DC Converter Overvoltage Protection Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator Phantom Power Antenna Protect Serializer


LDO LED Backlighting Low-Voltage DC-DC Buck/LDO DC-DC Buck DC-DC Boost Protection Devices Gamma Buffer Supervisor/Watchdog Deserializer TFT Bias