Automotive EV Powertrain Battery Management

Empowering the Clean Vehicle Revolution

Powertrain options in automobiles and other vehicles have proliferated in response to high fuel prices and a focus on air quality. Electric drive has become viable as electric power sources, such as lightweight battery packs, have become available. Both plug-in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles require new systems to ensure safe and reliable operation.


Battery Management

Electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles use large lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs for energy storage. These battery packs are constructed of hundreds or even thousands of individual battery cells that must be managed to keep the battery packs in optimal condition and also to optimize their energy storage.

Our robust battery management solutions offer increased safety when operating the Li+ battery packs while reducing system cost. They are backed by deep system expertise, an extensive IP portfolio, and they enable ASIL D safety compliance. With their unique, proprietary daisy-chain architecture and fast SAR ADC, you get fast and accurate measurements.

Our battery management solutions also function well in noisy vehicle environments, delivering high EMC performance. We offer the industry’s only solution that enables capacitive and transformer isolation. Capacitive isolation allows the replacement of a costly transformer with a capacitor on the battery pack. This approach reduces related BOM costs by up to 90% and also lowers the failure-in-time (FIT) rate.

Featured Products

14-Channel High-Voltage Data-Acquisition System


Achieves ASIL-D compliance using a single chip for mid-to-large cell count configurations.

12-Channel, High-Voltage Data-Acquisition Systems


Manages high-voltage battery modules and features a 12-bit SAR ADC that measures 12 cell voltages and two temperatures.

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12-Channel, High-Voltage Smart Sensor Data-Acquisition Interface


Programmable ASIL D battery monitor ASIC optimized for automotive, hybrid electric battery pack, and electric vehicle systems.

Automotive SPI Communication Interface (ASCI)


Enables robust daisy-chain EMC/EMI performance and cost effective isolation solution


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