Body Electronics

Unlock Clean Power for Your Automotive Electronics

Modern vehicles contain a wide range of systems that provide control functions, implement diagnostics and safety features, and manage power. We offer a wide array of power switching and monitoring circuits, sensors, and sensor interface and communication ICs for automobile body electronics.


Body Control

Central body control systems manage all of the safety, power management, and diagnostic systems on the vehicle.

In addition to voltage regulators and DC-DC converters, we offer robust current sensors and hall-effect sensor interface circuits.

Hall Effect Sensor Interface ICs
Current Sense Amplifiers

Remote Keyless Entry

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems offer drivers a way to lock and unlock the vehicle remotely. With traditional RKE systems the driver presses a key fob button to lock or unlock the car within a certain range, usually up to 300 ft.

More advanced RKE systems, such as the "Keyless Go" system, automatically lock the car doors after the driver exits the vehicle, and automatically unlock the vehicle when the driver (with key in pocket) is detected with a certain range upon return.

We offer products to support development of both types of remote keyless entry systems.

ISM RKE Transmitters
ISM RKE Receivers
Learn more about our Keyless Go technology

Featured Products

Precision Uni and Bidirectional, Current-Sense Amplifiers


These ICs are single-supply, high-accuracy current-sense amplifiers with a high input common-mode range that extends from -20V to +75V.

2-Wire Hall-Effect Sensor Interface IC


Saves space and cost in automotive applications


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