Automotive LiDAR ICs

Automotive-grade LiDAR products safely solve ADAS distance measurement challenges. Transimpedance amplifiers and ultra-fast comparators combine with protection ICs, supervisors, and voltage references in the design of innovative LiDAR modules while offering high reliability in small form factor products.

With safety as the main driver in ADAS applications, a wide range of supervisory products and protection ICs make the full LiDAR module more robust and reliable. Our automotive-qualified LiDAR solutions include microprocessors and high-accuracy supervisor window voltage monitors with watchdog timers. These supervisors set thresholds and reset timeout delays without external resistors or capacitors saving additional board area in space-constrained environments.

Automotive LiDAR Featured Products

Transimpedance Amplifier with 100mA Input Current Clamp for Automotive LiDAR


Small 3x3 TDFN with wide 490MHz bandwidth captures road condition detail and low 2.1pA/√Hz noise density reduces signal distortion and misinterpretation.

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3.5V to 36V Ideal Diode Controllers with Voltage and Current Circuit Breaker


Mitigates high-voltage transient spikes, fast (0.3µs typ) shutdown response prevents reverse currents, and 5μA (typ) shutdown current reduces battery drain.

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280ps High-Speed Comparator, Ultra-Low Dispersion with LVDS Outputs


10ps overdrive delay at 20mV to 100mV output drive (dispersion) for 0.018cm time-of-flight measurement error in 2mm x 2mm TDFN.

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Featured Product Table

Part No. Function Key Benefits
MAX40660 Transimpedance Amplifier 490MHz bandwidth, low-power mode ideal for distance measurement applications
MAX40661 Transimpedance Amplifier 160MHz bandwidth, low-power mode ideal for distance measurement applications
MAX40027 Comparator Dual comparator in small 3mmx2mm TDFN, 280ps propagation delay, 10ps overdrive dispersion (20mV to 100mV) LVDS outputs
MAX40026 Comparator 280ps propagation delay, 10ps overdrive dispersion (20mV to 100mV) LVDS outputs
MAX20004E Buck Converter AEC-Q100 qualified, delivers up to 8A from 3.5V to 30V input, 15µA quiescent current
MAX20011 Buck Converter ASIL D-compliant, delivers up to 12A from 3V to 5.5V input
MAX16990 Boost/SEPIC Controller Minimized radio interference with 2.5MHz switching frequency above the AM radio band
MAX16910 Linear Regulator Automotive qualified, delivers up to 200mA from 3.5V to 30V input, only 20µA of no-load current
Window Voltage Monitor 1% accuracy, 1.7V to 5.5V voltage range, single, dual, triple, quad channels, no external BOM needed
MAX16136 Window Voltage Monitor with Window Watchdog 1% accuracy, overvoltage indicator for additional diagnostic, no external BOM needed
Load Dump/Reverse Voltage Protection -36V to +90V power supply transient protection, meets ISO 7637
MAX16141/MAX16141A Ideal Diode Controller and Circuit Breaker Overvoltage, undervoltage, reverse-voltage, reverse-current and overcurrent protection, provides protection against micro cuts
MAX6070 Series Voltage Reference From ±0.04% to ±0.08% initial accuracy, 1.5ppm/°C temperature drift, available for 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.048V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 4.096V, and 5V

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