Analog integration is transforming the way factories work.

It's distributing intelligence across the plant floor, so machines can make decisions themselves. It's driving the convergence of industrial and enterprise networks to make information and equipment accessible from anywhere. And it's securing all of these systems against new threats inside and outside the factory.
Explore below to see how we're making factories smarter, more connected, and secure.

Featured Solutions

  • DeepCover® secure authenticator (DS28C22) pairs best-in-class physical security with advanced authentication and data encryption for system-attached devices
  • Octal digital-input serializer (MAX31913) saves both power and isolation channels by replacing resistor-divider-based solutions in systems that need to level translate 24V signals to 5V
  • Bipolar-input (±5V), 16-bit SAR ADCs (MAX11166/MAX11167) integrate a voltage reference and buffer into a 10-pin package to help you squeeze more performance into your control loop
  • High-voltage buck converter (MAX17503) eliminates Schottky diodes to reduce heat, BOM cost, and solution size by over 50%
  • Transformer driver (MAX13253) with integrated protection and EMI management simplifies the design of isolated power supplies