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Add a "Smart Meter" to Your Design

Quickly embed energy measurement in your application with the 78M66xx family of SoCs. These products combine a high-resolution delta-sigma data converter with a powerful computation engine and ample memory, giving you a complete solution for submetering, anti-islanding, and other distributed-resource applications.

Accuracy and Flexibility. Integrated.

  • Patented single-converter architecture eliminates channel-to-channel offsets to deliver revenue-grade accuracy over a 2000:1 dynamic range
  • User-configurable interfaces, sensor options, and alarms let you completely customize the 78M66xx to your requirements
  • Full suite of development tools and application-specific firmware gets you from concept to market quickly

Target Applications

  • Power distribution units (PDUs) and power supply units (PSUs)
  • Building energy-management systems (BEMS)
  • Solar panel installations
  • Smart appliances
  • Street lighting