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Security requirements are getting tougher. Hackers are more sophisticated, and the stakes are higher than ever. Your system needs multiple layers of the right cryptography and physical security built in.

With Maxim's DeepCover® embedded security solutions, you can now easily protect your entire system. DeepCover products offer state-of-the-art physical security to safeguard all your critical data and keys.

Choose from three product families:

  • DeepCover Secure Microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and physical security to offer the highest level of protection against physical tampering and reverse engineering.
  • DeepCover Secure Authenticators implement advanced physical security to provide the ultimate in low-cost IP protection, clone prevention, and peripheral authentication.
  • DeepCover Security Managers combine advanced physical security with on-chip, nonimprinting memory to safeguard sensitive data from the slightest physical or environmental tampering.

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