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TINI® products deliver unparalleled integration to consumer applications. The portfolio includes complete system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and codecs that integrate multiple functions to achieve advantages in board space. This helps you overcome difficult integration challenges in mobile devices and connected home applications.

TINI Power SoCs

Integrate many power-management and mixed-signal functions on a single chip. This can cut your analog footprint in half, freeing space for new differentiating features and enabling smaller, thinner form factors.

TINI Touch-Screen Controller SoCs

Feature the industry's highest SNR capacitive-touch AFE, a MAXQ® CPU for full backend processing, and a custom DSP coprocessor. The integration of a super-narrowband AFE provides breakthrough immunity to AC charger and LCD noise without any external components. Learn more.

TINI Audio Codecs

Combine multiple high-performance audio blocks with Maxim's proprietary FlexSound® processor. TINI Audio Codecs like the MAX98089 and MAX98095 help designers overcome integration challenges in mobile products while delivering the best audio experience.