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Maxim's Newport smart meter reference platform accelerates your time to market with proven elements such as accurate energy measurement, robust G3-PLC™ communications, and integrated security. Pluggable NAN and HAN communication modules, a form-factor design, and complete system software make Newport the ultimate development platform.

Accelerate Your Smart Meter Development

Metrology and Security

The 71M6541 sits at the heart of the system and meters electricity to 0.1% accuracy across a dynamic range of 2000:1 in all four quadrants. An ARM® core hosts system software to ensure compatibility with existing development software, while the MAXQ1050 provides multilayered secure authentication to thwart the most determined security threats.


The MAX2991 and MAX2992 communicate to and from points in the grid via the powerline. They support speeds up to 300kbps, following the G3-PLC specification. Adaptive tone mapping, a robust mode, and programmable tone matching make communications quick, reliable in high-noise scenarios, and compatible with older PLC solutions.

An isolated RS-485 communications interface (MAX13256/MAX13412E) is also provided for any serial communications needs.

Power and Timing

In addition to metrology, communication, and security, Newport offers enhanced timing accuracy with the DS3231M MEMS-based real-time clock (RTC). Power for both the metrology and communications boards is regulated by the MAX17498 flyback controller.