A Brighter Future: From energy to communications, our technologies are enabling smarter lighting systems.
Maxim makes LED lighting smarter. Our driver ICs ensure full compatibility with existing infrastructure to speed the transition to LED lighting. Our powerline communication (PLC) technology enables affordable control across long distances and transformers. And our energy-measurement SoCs allow users to quantify these savings.
Power, Measurement, and Control for Smart Lighting

LED Drivers
  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure enables drop-in replacements for incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Flicker-free operation with triac dimmers and electronic transformers
Powerline Communications
  • Support RGB LED control at video rates
  • Cover > 1km range without radio band interference
  • Connect thousands of lights in a single network
Energy Measurement
  • Offer high-accuracy AC and DC power measurement without increasing component count or manufacturing costs
  • Integrate lamp failure prediction and diagnostics