Glossary Terms and Definitions Beginning with the Letter Z

Z See Impedance
Zener Diode A zener diode is a diode manufactured to have a specific reverse-breakdown voltage. Its most common use is as a voltage reference.

When reverse biased through a resistor, a zener diode will allow enough current to establish its specified voltage.

Zero Insertion Force See ZIF
ZIF Zero Insertion Force: A class of IC sockets which clamp the IC pins (via a small lever on the side of the socket) after insertion, and thus require no downward force on the IC or its pins to insert it into the socket. Especially useful in applications in which repeated insertions subjects the IC or the socket to wear and breakage.
ZIGBEE A standard for short-distance, low-data-rate communications using the frequencies and physical and data layers of the IEEE 802.15.4 PHY specification. Created and maintained by the ZIGBEE Alliance Group.
ZS Zero scale
ZVC Zero voltage crossing
ZVS Zero voltage switching