Glossary Terms and Definitions Beginning with the Letter K

k 1. Kilo: Metric unit representing 1000. E.g.: 1kHz is a 1 kilohertz (1000 Hertz). Note that the k is always lowercase.

In digital systems, "K" or "k" is often used to mean 210, that is, 1024. This is not well-standardized but it's usually apparent from context. On the Maxim site, we use upper-case K to mean 1024 and lower-case k to mean 1000. This standard is applied to new documents but older documents may use "k".

2. Kelvin: Temperature scale. Zero K is defined as absolute zero. 273.15K is 0 degrees C.

Note that temperatures on the kelvin scale are called kelvins, not "degrees kelvin." The K symbol is uppercase and used without a degree symbol. The word "kelvin" in this context is not capitalized.

K-V-M See kVM
Kanal+ Kanal+ support allows a VCR to record audio and video signals captured by both the set top box (STB) and the television, without changing SCART connections on the back of the TV, STB, and VCR.

See: Application note 4522, "Low-Cost, Dual SCART Solution for Set-Top Boxes Also Has Optional Kanal+ Support."

kb Kilobit(s)
kbps See Bandwidth
kcmil See MCM
Keep-Out Area See Keep-Out Zone
Keep-Out Zone The area on or near a CPU or GPU processor that the circuit board layout design can not use, due to thermal management components, cooling, and mounting constraints.
Keyboard Video Mouse See kVM
kg Kilogram(s)
kHz Kilohertz
kilobits See Bandwidth
km Kilometer(s)
ksps See Samples per Second
kVA See Volt-Ampere
kVM Keyboard Video Mouse: Defacto standard for the three cables used on a typical cpr: One for the keyboard; one for the monitor (video); one for the mouse. Also: A KVM switch is a switch box used to connect one KVM to multiple computers.
kW Kilowatt (or kilowatts): 1000 watts.

kWh Kilowatt hour(s)