Glossary Terms and Definitions Beginning with the Letter 0-9

1-Wire A single-wire (plus ground) communications protocol.

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1-Wire Master A 1-Wire interface master controller.
10GbE 10-Gigabit Ethernet
1394 See FireWire
1451.4 See Transducer Electronic Data Sheet
1Wire See 1-Wire
2nd Harmonic Distortion See Second Harmonic Distortion
3.579545MHz See Color Subcarrier
3G Third-generation mobile telephone protocols that support higher data rates, for non-voice communications such as multimedia and Internet access.
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project, a collaboration of cell phone technology standards bodies.
3GPP2 See 3GPP
488 See GPIB
802.11 IEEE standard that specifies medium-access and physical-layer specifications for 1Mbps and 2Mbps wireless connectivity between fixed, portable, and moving stations within a local area.
802.11a The IEEE standard that governs the deployment of 5GHz OFDM systems. It specifies the implementation of the physical layer for wireless UNII b.
802.11b An international IEEE standard for WLAN networks, operating at 2.4GHz and providing a maximum data transfer rate of 11Mbps.
802.11g A proposed standard that describes a wireless networking method for a WLAN that operates in the 2.4GHz radio band (ISM: Industrial Scientific Medical frequency band). It transfers data at up to 54Mbps.
802.16 See WiMax