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Glossary Term: TINI 


TINI® is Maxim's trademark for its family of highly integrated solutions for the consumer electronics market. The family includes ICs which integrate disparate functions to achieve advantages in board space. Examples include:
  • TINI Power SoCs integrate all the functional blocks needed to power applications and baseband processors, along with mixed-signal functions like audio, battery management, and touch-screen control. These Power SoCs allow mobile platform system designers to cut their analog footprint in half.
  • TINI Audio Codecs (MAX98089, MAX98095) combine multiple high-performance audio blocks with Maxim's proprietary FlexSound® processor. These audio codecs let designers overcome integration challenges in mobile products while delivering the best audio experience.
  • TINI Touch-Screen Controller SoCs (MAX11871) integrate the industry's highest SNR capacitive-touch analog front-end (AFE), a MAXQ® CPU for full backend processing, and a custom DSP coprocessor. The integration of a super-narrowband AFE provides breakthrough immunity to AC charger and LCD noise without any external components.
TINI is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated
Note: Tiny Network Interface circuits are now called MxTNI.

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Related Parts
  • MAX98089 - Low-Power, Stereo Audio Codec with FlexSound Technology
  • MAX98095 - Audio Hub with FlexSound Processor
  • MAX11871 - TINI Touch-Screen Controller SoC for Mutual Projected Capacitive Touch
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