Glossary Definition for Resonant Circuit

Glossary Term: Resonant Circuit 


A resonant, or tuned, circuit combines an inductor and capacitor (or mechanical equivalents such as a crystal or MEMS oscillator) to make a circuit that is responsive to a frequency. Depending on the configuration, the circuit can have a high or low impedance at the resonant frequency and operate as bandpass or band stop filter, or an oscillator.

It may be called an LC or LRC circuit because of the inductive (L), resistive (R), and capacitive (C) components used.

An older name is "tank circuit," because its operation is analogous to a tank in a fluid system, in which the dimensions of the tank define the natural frequency observed when fluid is pulsed through the tank.

  • tank circuit
  • tuned circuit
  • LC circuit
  • LRC circuit
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