Glossary Definition for Lithium batteries

Glossary Term: Lithium batteries 


Lithium batteries for low-power, high-reliability, long-life applications such as non-volatile memory and timekeeping (typically in coin-shaped cells) use a variety of lithium-based chemistries (as differentiated from lithium-ion).

Maxim NV SRAM and timekeeping products use mostly BR chemistry (poly-carbonmonofluoride) primary (non-rechargeable) lithium coin cells. We use CR chemistry (manganese dioxide) primary lithium coin cells in microcontroller and touch products. Some new products use "manganese lithium" (ML) chemistry, which is chemically close to the CR, but is a secondary (rechargeable) lithium coin cell.
  • Lithium
  • Li
  • manganese dioxide
  • manganese lithium
  • ML
  • poly-carbonmonofluoride
  • BR
  • CR

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