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Glossary Term: Buck 


A "buck" or "step-down" switch-mode voltage regulator is one in which the output voltage is lower than its input voltage.

Note: A customer asked the origin of the term and no one seems to know! A buck regulator is a step-down regulator, as opposed to boost. We think it's an American term — in England it was always "step-down."

Buck means to resist or reduce (as in "buck the trend"), and hence was used to denote a step-down. Conveniently, it alliterates with the opposite, a boost regulator.

See application note 660, "Regulator topologies for battery-powered systems."
  • Buck Switcher
  • Buck Regulator
  • Step Down Switcher
  • Step Down Regulator
  • Step-Down DC DC
  • Buck DC-DC
  • Step Down DC DC
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