Automotive Safety Infotainment Access Powertrain

The people have spoken. A $15,000 car should have more technology than a $500 smartphone.

This demand is fundamentally changing the automotive industry. Development cycles are shrinking to keep up with consumer refresh rates. Electronics systems are becoming more integrated. And technologies are migrating down the line faster than ever.
At Maxim Integrated, we're leveraging our mobile expertise to keep you ahead of electronics trends—and the competition. Whether you need to power the latest multicore processor, deploy an advanced user interface, or get more runtime from your electric powertrain, our integrated analog solutions will help you win the race to market.

Seize the Integration Advantage

Deliver more of what your customers want, as well as things they haven't even imagined yet.
Reduce your development costs without compromising performance or safety with our innovative SerDes and LED lighting products.
Put cost concerns and range anxiety in the rear-view mirror with our groundbreaking BMS architecture.
Extend your field of access, reduce your antenna count, and unlock new possibilities with our 22kHz keyless entry technology.
Analog integration is enabling a new set of innovations for drivers.
Automotive Experience
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