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A movement has begun.
A revolution powerful enough to stop revolutions.

Around the world, engineers like you are stepping up to address the big, expensive issues we face as a global community.
You're changing what tomorrow will look like, and you're doing it with the technologies available today. Miniature sensors—transistors that cost next to nothing—and the analog that brings them both together.
Increasingly, you're finding that analog is one of your biggest problems. That's what we're here to help with.

Learn about the problems we're solving with analog integration.

Vehicles are becoming clean, conscious, and connected. As the pace of innovation accelerates, analog integration enables our customers to stay ahead of the competition.
Fiber Infrastructure
The cloud has arrived. We're helping customers push bandwidth and channel density higher while driving down the cost per bit.
We're pulling together critical system functions to bring the benefits of modern medical technology to more people in more places.
Predictive maintenance. Rapid retooling. Embedded security. Integrated analog is critical to keeping factories up and running.
Smart Grid
We're combining core functions like metrology, communications, and security to enable new applications in the energy sector.
Wireless Infrastructure
Analog integration is helping service providers keep pace with consumer demand for anywhere, anytime, any-device connectivity.