EE-Sim Design Generation and Simulation Tool

Create and Simulate Circuits Online

Based on your detailed input requirements, Maxim's EE-SimĀ® tool generates an interactive schematic complete with components you can adjust.

Evaluate Your Design

Each design iteration can be simulated in a few minutes. The resulting waveforms, such as Bode plots and voltage graphs, are available for analysis in the included waveform viewers.

Save or Build Your Design

Save or print your requirements, schematic, BOM, and results. Download your BOM with manufacturer part numbers.

Download EE-Sim SE for Free

EE-Sim SE includes both SIMPLIS and SIMetrix Spice simulation engines, providing additional simulation options. Adding components via the schematic editor also expands design flexibility. Download EE-Sim SE now (log in required, see log in status below).

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