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MX7705, MAX1415, MAX1416 Configuration Tool

This tool illustrates a summary of the MX7705, MAX1415 and MAX1416 Communication Register, Setup Register and Clock Register. Please see the MX7705, MAX1415/MAX1416 data sheet for more details.
Make your selection from the dropdown boxes in each section to construct the Output Byte. Read the constructed values in the BIN or HEX box. If you are using an external clock you must select External from the Clock Source dropdown box in the Clock Register section and enter the frequency in the External Clock Frequency input box.
Communication Register Setup Byte:
Register Select Read/Write Power Down Mode Channel  
Communication Output Byte:

Setup Register:
Mode PGA Gain UniPolar/BiPolar Internal Buffer FSYNC
Setup Output Byte:

Clock Register:
Clock Source CLKOUT Enable Clock Divider Clock Frequency Desired Output Data Rate
Clock Output Byte:

External Clock Frequency (If Applicable 0 to 5MHz only):
Enter External Clock Frequency
(Select External in Clock Source Box)