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Analog Design Calculators

Powerful, portable, and easy to use. The programs on this page, each targeting a specific design issue, offer quick relief for complex and tricky analog design problems. Created by an experienced analog design engineer, the programs provide solutions for fellow analog circuit designers who select, specify, and characterize analog circuits.
Designers will find these programs useful for both circuit design and analysis across a broad range of applications. Each program contains an extensive tutorial, installation guide, and quick reference guide. Graphing and parametric plotting are supported.
These programs are designed for the HP50g engineering calculator but can also run on Windows®-based computing platforms and iOS® devices. HPUserEdit, an IDE for the HP® 48/49/50 series calculators, includes an excellent HP50g emulator. Download the following items:
Data Converter

Accuracy Calculator (ACCU) aids in the design and analysis of data converter application circuits. It calculates the DC accuracy of an ideal data converter. It calculates Resolution in bits and steps, INL, and Accuracy in percent, PPM, decibels, µV, and nA.

Effective Number of Bits Calculator (ENOB) aids in the design and analysis of data converter application circuits. It calculates ENOB, SINAD, resolution, signal bandwidth, oversample rates, DNL, clock jitter, analog noise, and THD.
Voltage Reference

Bandgap Reference Calculator (BGRC) aids in the design and analysis of a Brokaw bandgap reference circuit. It calculates all circuit parameters and the output voltage as a function of junction temperature.
Signal Analysis

Settling Time Calculator (STC) aids in the analysis and design of the step response of a single pole RC filter. It calculates resistance, capacitance, settling time, accuracy (in µV, %, PPM, LSB, and τ), step input voltage, resolution, time constant, bandwidth, and rise time.

Thermal Noise Calculator (TNC) aids in the analysis of thermal noise found in resistors and other noise sources. It calculates noise voltage (µVpp and µVrms), noise density, Johnson resistance, temperature, upper and lower frequency limits, and corner frequency.
Test and Measurement

Statistical Process Control Calculator (SPCC) aids in the prediction and analysis of process yield. It calculates defects per million, yield, process shift, standard deviation, mean, and the lower and upper specification limits.

Calculator Launcher (CALC) simplifies managing and launching multiple calculators found on this page. Only for use on a physical HP50g calculator.
Integrated Circuits

Die Size Calculator (DSC) aids in estimating the die size, number of available bonding pads, and available circuit area of an integrated circuit. It calculates total die area, die length, die width, active circuit area, number of bonding pads, bonding pad pitch, saw kerf, and die aspect ratio.

Package Thermal Analysis (PTA) aids in the analysis of the thermal properties of integrated circuit packages. These include thermal resistance, power dissipation, and die, package, and ambient temperatures.

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