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T/E Carrier & Packetized Products CAD Symbols

See CAD Symbols and Footprints for additional products.
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Part Number File Name Description
DS21448 DS21448_BGA_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (69kB) DS21448 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS21448 DS21448_BGA_XML_R032906.ZIP  (80kB) DS21448 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS21455 DS21455_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (116kB) DS21455 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS21455 DS21455_XML_R032906.ZIP  (135kB) DS21455 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS2155 DS2155_BGA_XML_R010306.ZIP  (52kB) DS2155_BGA Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS2155 DS2155_BGA_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (18kB) DS2155_BGA Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS2155 DS2155_BGA_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (60kB) DS2155_BGA Cadence Concept Symbol
DS2155 DS2155_TQFP_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (19kB) DS2155_TQFP Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS2155 DS2155_TQFP_XML_R010306.ZIP  (54kB) DS2155_TQFP Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS2155 DS2155_TQFT_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (50kB) DS2155_TQFT Cadence Concept Symbol
DS2156 DS2156_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (19kB) DS2156 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS2156 DS2156_TQFP_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (50kB) DS2156 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS2156 DS2156_TQFP_XML_010306.ZIP  (54kB) DS2156 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS2174 DS2174_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (13kB) DS2174 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS2174 DS2174_XML_R010306.ZIP  (27kB) DS2174 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS2174 DS2174_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (24kB) DS2174_BGA Cadence Concept Symbol
DS21Q48 DS21Q48_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (28kB) DS21Q48 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS21Q48 DS21Q48_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (48kB) DS21Q48 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS21Q48 DS21Q48_XML_R010306.ZIP  (57kB) DS21Q48 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS21Q55 DS21Q55_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (36kB) DS21Q55 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS21Q55 DS21Q55_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (116kB) DS21Q55 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS21Q55 DS21Q55_XML_R010306.ZIP  (98kB) DS21Q55 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26303 DS26303_ALLEGRO155_R010506.ZIP  (29kB) DS26303 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS26303 DS26303_CONCEPT155_R010506.ZIP  (79kB) DS26303 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26334 DS26334_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (119kB) DS26334 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26334 DS26334_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (185kB) DS26334 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26334 DS26334_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (156kB) DS26334 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26401 DS26401_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (112kB) DS26401 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26401 DS26401_XML_R032906.ZIP  (138kB) DS26401 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26502 DS26502_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (40kB) DS26502 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26502 DS26502_XML_R032906.ZIP  (43kB) DS26502 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26502 DS26502_TQFP_ORCAD_R09072011.ZIP  (4kB) DS26502 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26518 DS26518_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (169kB) DS26518 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26518 DS26518_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (146kB) DS26518 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26518 DS26518_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (15kB) DS26518 Gerber File
DS26518 DS26518_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (145kB) DS26518 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26519 DS26519_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (171kB) DS26519 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26519 DS26519_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (18kB) DS26519 Gerber File
DS26519 DS26519_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (288kB) DS26519 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26519 DS26519_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (241kB) DS26519 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26521 DS26521_TQFP_XML_R021209.ZIP  (49kB) DS26521 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26521 DS26521_TQFP_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (45kB) DS26521 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26522 DS26522_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (104kB) DS26522 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS26522 DS26522_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (114kB) DS26522 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26528 DS26528_ALLEGRO14_2_R072704.ZIP  (36kB) DS26528 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS26528 DS26528_CONCEPT14_2_R072704.ZIP  (13kB) DS26528 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26528 DS26528_BGA_XML_R010306.ZIP  (189kB) DS26528 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26556 DS26556_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (119kB) DS26556 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS26556 DS26556_XML_R032906.ZIP  (138kB) DS26556 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS26900 DS26900_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (79kB) DS26900 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3100 DS3100_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (115kB) DS3100 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3100 DS3100_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (15kB) DS3100 Gerber File
DS3100 DS3100_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (173kB) DS3100 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3100 DS3100_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP (1kB) DS3100 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS3104 DS3104_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (42kB) DS3104 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3104 DS3104_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP (1kB) DS3104 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3104 DS3104_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (59kB) DS3104 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS3111 DS3111_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (45kB) DS3111 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3112 DS3112_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (36kB) DS3112 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3112 DS3112_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (105kB) DS3112 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3112 DS3112_XML_R010306.ZIP  (123kB) DS3112 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS31256 DS31256_CONCEPT155_R032906.ZIP  (113kB) DS31256 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS31256 DS31256_XML_R032906.ZIP  (129kB) DS31256 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3144 DS3144_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (25kB) DS3144 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3144 DS3144_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (59kB) DS3144 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3144 DS3144_XML_R010306.ZIP  (71kB) DS3144 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3150 DS3150_ALLEGO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (14kB) DS3150 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3150 DS3150_COCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (27kB) DS3150 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3150 DS3150_XML_R010306.ZIP  (31kB) DS3150 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3154 DS3154_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (25kB) DS3154 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3154 DS3154_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (58kB) DS3154 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3154 DS3154HW_BGA_ORCAD_R060609.ZIP  (4kB) DS3154 HW Mode Model Orcad Logical Symbol
DS3154 DS3154_XML_R010306.ZIP  (72kB) DS3154 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3154 DS3154SW_BGA_ORCAD_R060609.ZIP  (4kB) DS3154 SW Mode Model Orcad Logical Symbol
DS3160 DS3160_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (19kB) DS3160 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3160 DS3160_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (47kB) DS3160 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3160 DS3160_XML_010306.ZIP  (51kB) DS3160 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3170 DS3170_ALLEGRO14_2_R010306.ZIP  (18kB) DS3170 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3170 DS3170_BGA_CONCEPT155_R010306.ZIP  (45kB) DS3170 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3170 DS3170_BGA_XML_R010306.ZIP  (50kB) DS3170 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3184 DS3184_ALLEGRO14_2_R072004.ZIP  (53kB) DS3184 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3184 DS3184_CONCEPT14_2_R072004.ZIP  (16kB) DS3184 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS3184 DS3184_XML_R010306.ZIP  (189kB) DS3184 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS3254 DS3254_U_BGA_ALLEGRO14_2_R032105.ZIP  (25kB) DS3254 Cadence Allegro Symbol
DS3254 DS3254_U_BGA_CONCEPT14_2_R032105.ZIP  (7kB) DS3254 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33M30 DS33M30_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (108kB) DS33M30 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS33M30 DS33M30_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (96kB) DS33M30 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS33M33 DS33M33_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (163kB) DS33M33 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS33M33 DS33M33_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (143kB) DS33M33 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS33R11 DS33R11_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (122kB) DS33R11 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33R11 DS33R11_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (15kB) DS33R11 Gerber File
DS33R41 DS33R41_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (281kB) DS33R41 Logical Symbol-XML Format
DS33R41 DS33R41_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (257kB) DS33R41 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS33X11 DS33X11_BGA_CONCEPT155_R030309.ZIP  (98kB) DS33X11 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33X162 DS33X162_BGA_CONCEPT155_R030309.ZIP  (197kB) DS33X162 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33Z11 DS33Z11_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (84kB) DS33Z11 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33Z11 DS33Z11_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (15kB) DS33Z11 Gerber File
DS33Z11 DS33ZH11_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (55kB) DS33ZH11 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33Z11 DS33ZH11_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (15kB) DS33ZH11 Gerber File
DS33Z44 DS33Z44_CONCEPT15_5_R123007.ZIP  (123kB) DS33Z44 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS33Z44 DS33Z44_GERBERS-R123007.ZIP  (16kB) DS33Z44 Gerber File
DS34S132 DS34S132_BGA_CONCEPT155_R021209.ZIP  (296kB) DS34S132 Cadence Concept Symbol
DS34S132 DS34S132_BGA_ORCAD_R021209.ZIP  (273kB) DS34S132 Orcad Logical Symbol
DS34T108 DS34T108_BGA_XML_R021209.ZIP  (310kB) DS34T108 Logical Symbol-XML Format
MAX24188 MAX24188_TQFN_CONCEPT163_S12232011.ZIP  (16kB) MAX24188 Cadence Concept Symbol
MAX24188 MAX24188_TQFN_ORCAD_S12232011.ZIP  (8kB) MAX24188 Orcad Logical Symbol
MAX24287 MAX24287_TQFN_CONCEPT163_S12232011.ZIP  (17kB) MAX24287 Cadence Concept Symbol
MAX24287 MAX24287_BGA_XML_R08232011.ZIP  (17kB) MAX24287 Logical Symbol-XML Format
MAX24287 MAX24287_TQFN_ORCAD_S12232011.ZIP  (8kB) MAX24287 Orcad Logical Symbol
MAX24288 MAX24288_TQFN_CONCEPT163_S12232011.ZIP  (16kB) MAX24288 Cadence Concept Symbol
MAX24288 MAX24288_TQFN_ORCAD_S12232011.ZIP  (8kB) MAX24288 Orcad Logical Symbol