White Papers

Maxim's white papers provide timely discussions of technical topics, new technologies, and electronics industry trends.

Author Title Date
Maxim Integrated Algorithms Team Examining Interbeat Interval Measurement Capability of Wearable Health-Monitoring Algorithms 10/27/20
Kevin Schemansky Why Designing ICs from the Ground Up for Automotive Applications Matters 08/18/20
Szukang Hsien How Automotive Displays Can Comply with Functional Safety Requirements 08/11/20
Kristopher Ardis How Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) Technology Protects Embedded Systems 07/23/20
Anthony T. Huynh, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Management Challenges of the Smart Grid 03/17/20
Yin Wu, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of General Lighting Applications 01/21/20
Anthony T. Huynh Designing an Efficient and Low-Noise Power Supply for Sensors and Encoders 08/28/19
Chintan Parikh, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of ADAS 04/08/19
Yin Wu, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Management Challenges of Automotive Lighting 04/08/19
Eric Pittana, and Sami Nijim Generating Greater System Efficiency for Single- to Multi-Cell Battery-Powered Designs 03/22/19
Perry Tsao Simplifying Mobile USB-C Designs 03/21/19
Scott Jones, and Nathan Sharp Why Now is a Good Time to Secure Your Embedded Systems with SHA-3 02/26/19
Szu-Kang Hsien Simplifying the Design of Bigger, Higher Resolution Automotive Displays 02/07/19
Anil Telikepalli, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of the Smart Building 02/07/19
Anil Telikepalli, Nazzareno Rossetti, and Anthony T. Huynh Meeting the Power Management Challenges of the Smart Factory 02/07/19
Bakul Damle, and Georgy Zerkalov Optimizing Run-Time for Devices Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries 01/24/19
Thong "Anthony" Huynh Meeting the Efficiency and Power Dissipation Needs of Space-Constrained Applications 10/23/18
Andrew Brierley-Green Navigating the GNSS Landscape for More Precise, Power-Efficient Receivers 08/20/18
Bill Hermann, Matthew Mowdy, and Brandon Xu Enhancing Battery Life and Audio Performance in Mobile Devices 07/26/18
Ari Vauhkonen Choosing the Right Automotive ICs for Next-Generation Vehicles 07/26/18
Warren Tsai, Jangho Jeon, Chintan Parikh, and George Chen Balancing Power Supply Requirements in ADAS Applications 07/17/18
Kristopher Ardis Powering the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Kristopher Ardis Securing the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Kristopher Ardis Adding Intelligence to the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Robert Gee CAN vs. RS-485: Why CAN Is on the Move 06/01/18
Matt Felder Designing Better, Simpler Audio Solutions with Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) 05/09/18
Perry Tsao How Secure Fuel Gauges Can Prevent Battery Counterfeiting 04/20/18
Scott Jones A Reverse-Engineering Assessment of a Secure Authenticator with PUF Technology 03/20/18
Scott Jones How Unclonable, Turnkey Embedded Security Protects Designs from the Ground Up 11/29/17
Cary Delano and Gaurav Mital SIMO Switching Regulators Extending Battery Life for Hearables and Wearables 11/17/17
Gregory Guez Why Hardware-Based Design Security is Essential for Every Application 11/09/17
Roland Dorn Choosing the Right High-Speed SerDes Technology for ADAS and Infotainment Systems 10/01/17
Bakul Damle Accurate Technology for Easy, Secure Fuel Gauging You Can Trust 06/12/17
Tom Bui Why Low Quiescent Current Matters for Longer Battery Life 12/06/18
David Andeen New Smart Energy Technology Boosts Battery Life for IoT Devices 05/04/17
Damian Anzaldo Wearable Sports Technology Market Landscape and SoC Trends 10/29/15
Maxim Integrated Solar Cell Optimization: Cutting Costs and Driving Performance 10/26/15
Suhel Dhanani Meeting the Integration Challenge in Programmable Logic Controllers 10/22/15
Roger Westberg Meeting the Integration Challenge in Smart Meters 10/22/15
Robert Nicoletti Next Generation Power Modules Further Simplify Power Design 10/14/15
Alec Makdessian The Bright New Outlook For LEDs: New Drivers, New Possibilities 05/18/15
Dan Dempsey Meeting Infotainment Power Demands 06/11/14
Kris Ardis Silicon, Security, and the Internet of Things 02/01/14
Kris Ardis Distribution Automation and the Smart Grid: Coming of Age with a New Set of Challenges 11/22/13
David Andeen Smart Grid Security: Recent History Demonstrates the Dire Need 02/11/13