MAX32600 User's Guide

Abstract: The MAX32600 is a low-power, mixed-signal microcontroller with a variety of applications, including integration in wearable medical devices, pulse oximetry measurement, galvanic skin response measurement, and blood glucose metering. It is based on the ARM Cortex®-M3 32-bit core targeted for a maximum operating frequency of 24MHz. Application code on the MAX32600 runs from an on-board program flash memory (64KB to 256KB), with 16KB to 32KB SRAM available for general application use. A 2KB instruction cache improves execution throughput, and a transparent code scrambling scheme is used to protect customer intellectual property residing in the program flash memory.

The MAX32600 User Guide is targeted to hardware, embedded firmware, and application developers. This guide provides information on how to use and configure the MAX32600 memory, peripherals, and registers. For ordering information, complete feature sets, package information, and electrical specifications, refer to the MAX32600 IC data sheet.