Using Synchronous Smart Cards with the 73S12xxF User's Guide

By: Kathy Reffert

Abstract: This document describes how to use synchronous smart cards with the 73S12xxF family. The smart card block of the 73S12xxF family contains specific logic for running synchronous smart cards. There are three primary sync smart card types; 2-wire, 3-wire, and I2C smart cards. Each of these card types are described, as well as how to operate these cards with the 73S12xxF sync card logic.This document is intended for the application developer that needs to support synchronous smart cards. Understanding of basic Smart Card operation is helpful and required. In addition, familiarity with the Teridian 73S12xxF smart card block is assumed for Asynchronous smart card operation. Refer to the 73S12xxF data sheets for a detailed description of the smart card logic and control registers.

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