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Author Title Date Publication
Felipe Neira and Marc Smith Power-Supply Subsystems for PPG Remote-Patient Vital Sign Monitors (Part 1) 2/9/2022 Electronic Design
Jeff DeAngelis The Next Evolution in Industrial Automation: Self-Aware Motion Control 2/2/2022 Power Electronics News (Online and E-Book)
Felipe Neira and Marc Smith Power-Supply Subsystems for PPG Remote-Patient Vital Sign Monitors (Part 2) 2/15/2022 Electronic Design
Starry Tsai Choose a Low I/Q, Low Minimum On-Time and Low EMI Off-Battery PMIC to Power Your Auto Electronics 2/15/2022 Power Systems Design (Europe and U.S.)
Collin VanderZanden Reverse Osmosis Membrane Protection Facilitated by Direct, Accurate, and Automatic Measurement of Ultra-Low Range Chlorine Residual 12/17/2021 Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania
Alexandr Ikriannikov TLVR High Voltage Considerations 10/28/2021 Power Systems Design
Konrad Scheuer and Sean Long Software-Configurable Analog I/O Heralds More Compact and Convenient Calibrators 12/06/2021 Analog Dialogue (ADI Magazine)
Andrew Burt Clinical-Grade Vital-Signs AFE Makes Disease Detection More Than a Stroke of Good Luck 12/07/2021 EENews Europe
Sean Long and Konrad Scheuer Factory Calibrated Configurable IO-Module Brings the Wiring Cabinet to You 10/28/2021 Power Systems Design (PSD)
Stephane di Vito, Robert Muchsel, Don Loomis Securing the IoT: Technical Approaches to Defend and Protect IoT Nodes (pages 49-50) 11/1/2021 EE Times Europe chrome-extension
Suryash Rai Glitch-free Voltage Supervisor IC – Just a Concept or Reality? (pages 52-53) 11/1/2021 Bodo's Power Systems
Stéphane Di Vito How ChipDNA PUF technology boosts a secure IC's security level 9/1/2021 eeNews Embedded (also appeared in eeNews Analog
Laszlo Lipcsei, Alexandr Ikriannikov, Di Yao Improvements in stacked load architectures 10/13/2021 Power Electronics Tips; Design World (Fall Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook)
Sagar Khare A Standalone Controller Eases Compliance With USB PD Standards 9/15/2021 How2Power
Fons Janssen Versatile Power Supply for Breadboards - Positive and Negative Voltages Out of 5 V from USB 7/1/2021 Elektor
Thong Huynh Did you know optocouplers are not needed for isolated DC/DC? 6/16/2021 Electronic Specifier
Vivek Nigam Enhance Hearable PSAP Audio Performance, Power Efficiency with Antinoise 7/20/2021 Electronic Design
Kris Ardis The Dream of Edge AI 7/1/2021 Semiconductor Review
Terry Wu Wearable Optical Measurement Solution Based on MAX32664 6/04/2020 EET-China (in Chinese)
Reno Rossetti and Josh Fankhauser USB-C Power Delivery Data Lines Demand Enhanced Protection 6/1/2021 Power Systems Design Europe
Tom Bui Sensor Power Efficiency Drives the Future of Systems 6/11/2021 Fierce Electronics
Suhel Dhanani Implementing Small and Energy Efficient Industrial Field Sensors With IO-Link 6/14/2021 Electronic Products
Jeff DeAngelis Intelligence at the Factory Edge- Boost Productivity and Improve Costs 5/24/2021 Electronic Products
Madhura Tapse Designing Power ICs in an Application-Specific Automated Test Equipment System 5/1/2021
Thong Huynh All you need to know about negative output DC-DC converters 5/14/2021 EDN
Jeff DeAngelis Intelligence at the factory edge: Boost productivity and improve costs 5/24/2021 Electronic Products
Martin Stoehr New Features for an AISG v3.0 Physical Layer Modem 4/5/2021 Electronic Products
Bich Pham Ashwin Badri Narayanan Extend Supply Voltage Range of a 4-Decade, < 300uA to 3A Resistor-less Current Sensing Solution 4/15/2021 How2Power
Michael Haight Add Authentication Security to Automotive End Points Using a Single Pin 4/12/2021 Electronic Design
Tamer Kira Streamline your EV Junction Box Design 4/8/2021 Electronic Products
Thong "Anthony" Huynh and Raghu Nathadi Protect Your Power System Designs Against Faults Like a Pro 3/29/2021 Electronic Design
Tamer Kira Streamline your EV Junction Box Design 3/31/2021 Electronic Products
Tamer Kira and Sagar Khare Accelerate Your USB Power Delivery Battery Charger Designs 1/29/2021 Power Systems Design
Matt Felder, Greg Mow, Michael Jackson Enhance Your Augmented/Virtual Reality Experience Using Nearfield Surround Sound (revised title by EP: Class-D amplifier makes surround sound a reality in AR/VR) 12/14/2020 Electronic Products
Stephane di Vito How ChipDNA PUF Technology Boosts a Secure IC's Security Level
(Fingerabdruck" schützt Mikrocontroller: Schlüssel aus der DNA eines Chips)
09/01/2020 Elektronik
Stephane Di Vito How ChipDNA PUF Technology Boosts a Secure IC's Security Level 09/01/2020
Jeff DeAngelis How Smart Automation and Motion Control Are Driving Greater Industrial Productivity 09/20/2020 Power Electronics News
Jeff DeAngelis How Smart Automation and Motion Control Are Driving Greater Industrial Productivity 10/04/2020 Power Electronics Online
Michael Jackson and Sean Long Protect Your High-Side Switch with a Controller That Leaves Nothing to Chance 11/01/2020 EPDT Electronic Product Design & Test (UK); online:
Michael Jackson and Sean Long Protect Your High-Side Switch with a Controller That Leaves Nothing to Chance 11/02/2020 EPDT Electronic Product Design & Test (UK); print:
Bakul Damle, Sagar Khare and Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti Switched-Capacitor Converter Simplifies Migration from 1S to 2S Battery Architectures 11/03/2020 Bodos Power Systems
Jeff DeAngelis Empowering Intelligence to the Edge 11/12/2020 Elektronik Industrie
Michael Randt Enabling Intelligent Automation with Motor and Motion Control 107/D/2020 Power Electronics News
Zhan Wang The SIMO DC-DC Converter is Your Audio Amplifier's Best Friend 11/02/2020 Power Systems Design
Gordon Lee RTC design, part 1: Real-time clocks still matter in automation, IoT applications 11/17/2020 EDN
Gordon Lee RTC design, part 2: Temperature compensation is critical 11/24/2020 EDN
Michael Jackson and Binay Kumar Bajaj RTC design, part 2: Temperature compensation is critical 11/24/2020 EDN
Michael Jackson and Binay Kumar Bajaj Choose MEMS Timing for Punctuality You Can Depend On 11/24/2020 Electronic Products
Suhel Dhanani and Scott Hsu Enabling 5G Small Cells with Efficient Power Solutions 10/07/2020 Electronic Design
Michael Jackson and Starry Tsai Choose a Low IQ, Low Minimum On-Time, and Low EMI Off-Battery PMIC to Power Your Automotive Electronics 10/07/2020 Electronic Design
Stella Or Keeping Transportation Payment Systems Safe from Security Threats 09/03/2020 Electronic Products
Suhel Dhanani Understanding Edge Computing Architectures 09/08/2020 Electronic Design
Szukang Hsien and Reno Rossetti Bring True-Black and High-Fidelity Colors to Your Automotive TFT-LCD Display 09/14/2020 Electronic Design
Thong Hyunh and John Woodward Meeting Demands for Smaller, More Efficient Power Supplies 09/15/2020 Electronics World
Scott Jones and Zia Sardar Protecting Your Embedded Designs Has Never Been Easier 09/16/2020 All About Circuits
Bonnie Baker Precisely Control a Linear Actuator with a DAC 07/28/2020 Embedded
Bonnie Baker and Maurizio Gavardoni Implement an Accurate and Rugged Motor Control Sensing System 08/07/2020 Electronic Products
Bonnie Baker Precisely Capture Servo Motor Position Using a High-Speed Simultaneous Sampling ADC 08/11/2020 All About Circuits
Michael Jackson and Sean Long Give Your Industrial Controller the Edge Using Configurable Digital IO 08/17/2020 Embedded Computing Design
Bonnie Baker Configure Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Multi-Sensors with a Delta-Sigma ADC 8/31/2020 EDN
Andrew Baker Why Does It Take a Pandemic to Realize the Value of Remote Patient Monitoring? (published in print for July edition) 07/01/2020 Embedded
Reno Rossetti and Yangyang Wen Generate Greater Power Savings for Power-Over-Ethernet Industrial Security Cameras 06/01/2020 Power Systems Design
Sudhir Mulpuru Can a Wearable Help You Get Quality Zzzzs? 06/01/2020 Sensor Technology
Alisher Kholmatov and Recep Ozgun How Heart-Rate Variability Monitoring Enhances Athletic Performance 06/30/2020 EE World Test and Measurement Tips
Zia Sardar Time to Think About the How and Where of Cryptography 06/19/2020 Electronic Design
Zia Sardar Easy Cryptography with Secure Authenticators and Coprocessors 06/30/2020 Electronic Design
Zia Sardar Cryptographic Algorithms 04/30/2020 Electronic Design
Tim Dhuyvetter How Piezoelectric Transducers Can Improve Haptic Feedback for Touchscreens 04/30/2020 Electronic Products
Karthi Gopalan, John Woodward, Szukang Hsien Maxim Integrated Power ICs: Enabling Smaller, More Efficient Electronics 05/10/2020 Electronic Science
Zia Sardar The Physically Unclonable Function Delivers Advanced Protection 05/13/2020 Electronic Design
Bonnie Baker Preserve and Seal in Battery Freshness 05/14/2020 Electronic Products
Andrew Baker Ramping Up Development of Medical Devices in the Battle Against COVID-19 05/14/2020
Zia Sardar, Stewart Merkel, Aaron Arellano Cryptographic Implementations - Hardware vs. Software 05/27/2020 Electronic Design
Zia Sardar Cryptography: Why Do We Need It? 04/02/2020 Electronic Design
Dwight Larson How to Design an Optimal Electronic Load for High-Current, Low-Voltage Power Supplies, Part 2 04/08/2020 Electronic Design
Zia Sardar Cryptographic Fundamentals 04/16/20 Electronic Design
Dwight Larson How to Design an Optimal Electronic Load for High-Current, Low-Voltage Power Supplies, Part 3 04/24/2020 Electronic Design
Yoshiaki NakayamaCharge control technology for Automotive lithium- ion storage battery 03/10/2020 Transistor Gijutsu (Print)
Steve Koh Single-Chip Solution for Wearable Heart Failure Monitoring Application 03/11/2020 Electronics Weekly
Carlos Alberto Rodriguez How PUF Technology Can Secure the Internet of Medical Things 03/12/2020 Elektronik Informationen
Dwight Larson How to Design an Optimal Electronic Load for High-Current, Low-Voltage Power Supplies, Part 1 03/12/2020 Electronic Design
Bonnie Baker TIA Fundamentals: The Noise Transfer Function Part 4 03/18/2020 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti & Chinmay Honrao Prolonging the Battery Life of Wireless Security Cameras with Proper Power Management 03/24/2020 All About Circuits
Reno Rossetti & Eddie Lee Very Low Input-Voltage Boost Converter Enables Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Hearing Aids 03/26/2020 EE Power
Reno Rossetti CES 2020: The Power Behind the Robot 03/30/2020 Power Systems Design
Anthony T. Huynh The move to synchronous power supplies in smart factories 02/03/2020 Power Electronic Tips
Reno Rossetti & Szukang Hsien Back to Black with Backlight Local Dimming 02/04/2020 All About Circuits
Reno Rossetti, Chintan Parikh and George Chen 48V Buck Converter Helps MHEVs Meet Fuel Emission Standards 02/05/2020 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti, Anthony T. Huynh Meeting the Power Challenges of the Smart Grid 02/10/2020 Electronic Products
Stéphane Di Vito, Michael Jackson Keep hardware in mind when securing MQTT with TLS 02/10/2020 Design & Elektronik
Ian Chen Establishing Trust in Healthcare Wearables
Establishing Trust in Healthcare Wearables
02/11/2020 Machine Design
Electronic Design
Eddie Lee and Reno Rossetti High-Efficiency Boost Converter Extends Wearable Medical Patch Battery Life 02/14/2020 How2Power
Anthony T. Huynh Comment optimiser l'alimentation de capteurs et d'encodeurs IO-Link 02/17/2020 ElectroniqueS (print)
Reno Rossetti and John Woodward (Boris Landoni) Power Your PLC with a Small POL Module 02/20/2020 Elettronica
Nazzareno Rossetti, Yin Wu È tempo per una nuova classe di flessibili driver per LED automotive 02/20/2020 Elettronica
Reno Rossetti, Tamer Kira, Daniel Miller Why fast time-to-market calls for flexible EV Battery Management Systems 02/26/2020
Bonnie Baker TIA Fundamentals: The Parasitics Part 3 01/20/2020 Embedded Computing Design
Audrey Barber Prevent Automotive Counterfeiting with Secure Authentication 01/22/2020 Electronic Design
Suhel Dhanani Industrial IoT (IIoT) requires edge Computing 01/23/2020 SCTE BroadbandElectronik
Alec Makdessian, Shannon Horwitz, and Qian Yu Open-Loop Digital Predistortion For Amplifier Power Efficiency 09/01/2019 SCTE Broadband
Chinmay Honrao and Reno Rossetti Triple Punch Extends the Life of Your Smart Factory Indoor BLE Beacon 10/08/2019 Electronic Products
Rob McCarthy How to Design a Variable Output Buck Regulator 10/15/2019 Power Systems Design
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Improve Automotive Exterior LED Lighting with Buck-Boost Average Current Control 10/28/2019 eeNews Automotive
Stéphane Di Vito, Michael Jackson Keep hardware in mind when securing MQTT with TLS 10/30/2019 Electronics Weekly
Shyam Shankar and Sarvesh Miyan Basics of Bench Silicon Validation - PCB Passives 06/05/2019 Planet Analog
Bonnie Baker Fundamentals of HBM, MM, and CDM Tests 06/10/2019 Embedded Computing Design
Martin Stoehr Maximizing the Range of Low-Current Wireless Designs 06/11/2019 Elektronik
Reno Rossetti and Chinmay Honrao How to Efficiently Power Your Smart Gas/Water Meter 06/25/2019 Power Electronics
Reno Rossetti, Benjamin Lampe and Brooks Leman Verifying Error Budget Analysis For A Buck Converter—On The Bench 06/25/2019 How2Power
Bonnie Baker Build in Automotive Insurance with Supervisor and Watchdog Policies 04/29/2019 Electronic Design
Bonnie Baker Ensuring System Accuracy Throughout the Years 04/23/2019 EDN
Reno Rossetti and Perry Tsao How to Shrink Your USB Type-C Battery Charger 04/18/2019 Planet Analog
Bonnie Baker and Martin Stoehr How to maximize the wireless range of short-range devices with sub-GHz RF transmitters in your home 04/17/2019 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti and Thong Huynh Meeting the Power Challenges of the Smart Building
Meeting the Power Challenges of the Smart Building
04/16/2019 Power Electronics News and Electronic Design
Bonnie Baker Improving Temperature Sensor Accuracy for Thermocouples and RTDs with Delta-Sigma Converters 04/11/2019 All About Circuits
Reno Rossetti and Jim Chapman Ultrasound: Don't Be Blinded by Your Amplifier's Slow Overload Recovery
Ultrasound: Don't Be Blinded by Your Amplifier's Slow Overload Recovery
04/10/2019 Electronic Design and Machine Design
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Driver Monitoring Systems Need a New Breed of IR-LED Drivers 04/10/2019 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti and John Woodward Protect Your Small Sensor from Harsh Industrial Environment 03/30/2019 Power Systems Design
Reno Rossetti How to Power the Automotive TFT-LCD Displays of the (Not so Distant) Future 01/02/2019 Electronic Design
Michael Jackson and Gregory Mow Look Who's Talking Now—Give Your IoT Device a Voice Worth Hearing 01/10/2019 Planet Analog
Kris Ardis Demystifying the Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) 02/01/2019 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti, Simo Radovic and Anil Telikepalli The right buck converter can make your small asset tracker last longer 02/04/2019 Electronic Products
Syafiqa Zupli Eat Your Vegetables: Why You Should Always Follow Switch-Mode Power Layout Guidelines 02/06/2019 EDN
Andrew Escamilla Improving Voltage Reference Stability for Better System Accuracy 02/11/2019 Embedded Computing Design
Stella Or A Smarter Way to Protect IoT Devices from Hackers 02/20/2019 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti and Chintan Parikh Meeting the Power Challenges of ADAS 03/04/2019 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Meeting the Power Management Challenges of Automotive Lighting 03/04/2019 Power Electronics News
Nancy Nordberg How to Create and Promote a Successful Internal Administrative Conference 03/06/2019 Admin Awards
Suhel Dhanani Redefining Industrial IoT 03/07/2019 Sensors Online
Reno Rossetti and Adrien Gambino Beat the Heat: Build a Compact, Multi-Standard Dual USB Charger (Electronic Design)
Beat the Heat: Build a Compact, Multi-Standard Dual USB Charger (Power Electronic News)
03/19/2019 Electronic Design and Power Electronic News
Sean Long and Michael Jackson Worried About Heat in Your I/O Module? No Need to Sweat 03/19/2019 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti Add Even More USB Ports to Your Car—In Less Space 07/10/2018 All About Circuits
Thong Huynh Smart, Wide-Bandwidth Internal Compensation Achieves Small-Size Power Solution 06/24/2018 Electronics For You
Robert Smith and Reno Rossetti Why Automotive ECUs Need a High-Performance POL Converter 08/14/2018 Electronic Design
Bonnie Baker In Search of the Best Op Amp for Remote Devices 08/26/2018 Embedded Know-How
Reno Rossetti Szukang Hsien and Patrick Murphy Overcome the Design Challenges of New Automotive Display Backlights 08/30/2018 Electronic Products
Jeff DeAngelis Unleashing the Benefits of Industrial Convergence 08/30/2018 EE News Europe
Szukang Hsien Bigger, Sharper Automotive Displays Still Need to Meet Functional Safety Standards 08/31/2018 Power Electronic Tips
Jeff DeAngelis When Robots Can Communicate with Each Other: What Industry 5.0 and Machine-Vision Systems Mean for Industrial Automation 09/07/2018 EL-INFO
Ian Chen Optical Biosensing for Emerging Healthcare Applications 09/10/2018 Electronic Design
Nathan Sharp & Scott Jones Medical device security 09/14/2018 Electronics Weekly
Kris Ardis Creating Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient IoT Designs 09/19/2018 Electronics Weekly
Michael Jackson Wearable ECG Monitor is a Weight Off Your Chest 10/03/2018 Power Systems Design
Reno Rossetti & Bakul Damle Advanced Battery Management for the Rest of Us 10/15/2018 Electronic Design
Michael Jackson Timothy Leung Protecting Your USB Port Doesn't Have to Slow it Dow 10/18/2018 Electronic Products
Suhel Dhanani and Jeff DeAngelis Empowering Design Innovation for Industrial IoT 10/28/2018 Elektronik-Industrie
Reno Rossetti and Warren Tsai How to Shrink Your ADAS ECUs Wrap the Power Management Around the Signal Chain 10/29/2018 Electronic Products
Michael Jackson Get Your Power-Supply Design Right the First Time 11/01/2018 Bodo's Power
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Improve Matrix Lighting with the Next Generation of LED Controllers and Switches 11/09/2018 Planet Analog
Chikara Kakizawa and Chintan Parikh and Kevin Frick Reno Rossetti How to Miniaturize Your Automotive Remote Camera 11/14/2018 Electronics Weekly
Georgy Zerkalov, Jason Wortham, and Bakul Damle Why Special Care is Needed When Fuel-Gauging Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries 11/16/2018 Power Electronics
Michael Jackson, Sean Long Industrial Digital Inputs: They're Not Quite as Simple as Counting from 0 to 1 11/22/2018 Machine Design
Bonnie Baker Shocking protection with reinforced digital isolators 11/26/2018 EDN
Andrew Burt Fostering a Healthier World Via Wearable Sensors 12/01/2018 Elektroniktidningen
Bonnie Baker Get a Grip on Battery Life for Your Touch-Sensitive Device 12/13/2018 Medical Design Technology
Bonnie Baker Supercapacitor to the Rescue 12/18/2018 How To Power
Bonnie Baker Next Evolutionary Step for Digital Broadcasting Direct-RF DACs 12/19/2018 EDN
Reno Rossetti How to Power Your QSFP-DD - Optical Transceivers 12/21/2018 EE Web
Kishore Racherla and Matt Waight Addressing EMI in Electric Cars with Radio Tuner Architecture 12/28/2018 IEEE Explore
Judy Hermann Opto-Mechanical Integration of Heart Rate Monitors in Wearable Wrist Devices 06/21/2018 Sensors Online
Cary Delano and Gaurav Mital SIMO Switching Regulators Extend Battery Life in Small Devices 06/18/2018 Electronica Azi International
Anil Telikepalli, Nazzareno Rossetti, Anthony T. Huynh Meeting the Power Management Challenges of the Smart Factory 06/18/2018 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti, ChiYoung Kim Extend the Run Time of Your Multi-Tasking Smartphone Design 06/12/2018 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti and John Woodward Circle the Wagons: Choose the Right Protection for Your Smart Load 06/05/2018 All About Circuits
Reno Rossetti and John Woodward Pack More Power Than Ever in Your Small Sensor 06/05/2018 Elektronik Informationen
Andrew Burt Fostering a Healthier World Via Wearable Sensors 06/01/2018 Tech Briefs
Scott Jones How Next-Generation Security ICs Deliver Stronger Level of Protection 06/01/2018 Electronic Specifier
Norberto Sanchez-Dichi and Mohamed Ismail How to wirelessly power and access a 1-Wire network (Part 2) 05/30/2018 Power Electronics
Bonnie Baker Simplify Your Industrial Interface by Eliminating RS-485 Control Lines 05/29/2018 All About Circuits
Reno Rossetti, Tamer Kira Monitor Your Electric Vehicle's Battery with a Smart Sensor 05/15/2018 Sensors Magazine
Reno Rossetti, Chintan Parikh, Pankaj Kashikar Improve Your Automotive ECU Design with a Low-IQ Buck Converter 05/09/2018 EDN
Scott Jones Protecting Medical Devices from Hackers 05/01/2018 Medizin & Elektronik
Thong Huynh EMI: Achieving CISPR 22-Compliant Power Solution 04/17/2018 Electronics For U
ChiYoung Kim, Eric Pittana, Reno Rossetti How to Make Your Portable Game Console Play Longer 04/25/2018 Power Electronics
John Woodward Fundamentals of Switching Regulators 04/23/2018 Power Systems Design
Vladislav Vashchenko Analog IC Co-Design for Latchup Compliance 04/18/2018 EDN
Michael Jackson & Sean Long How to extend the range of RS-485 networks for industrial systems 04/17/2018 Electronic Design
Bo Xu, Eric Pittana, Reno Rossetti Boost the Run-Time of Portable Electronics with a One-Two Punch 04/16/2018 Electronic Design
Norberto Sanchez-Dichi and Mohamed Ismail How to wirelessly power and access a 1-Wire network (Part 1) 03/29/2018 Power Electronics
Leo Apostol and Sarvesh Miyan Factors Affecting Reference Long-Term Drift Performance 03/26/2018 EDN
Bonnie Baker Trust and then verify your IoT security 03/23/2018 EDN (Baker's Best)
Bonnie Baker Encoders shrinking to match ever-smaller motors 03/19/2018 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti, Dimitry Goder, and Ken Salvi Modern Portable Devices Require a New Breed of LDOs 03/15/2018 Electronic Products
Reno Rossetti, Eric Rule, and Sami Nijim Can You Hear Me Now? Extend the Life of Your Hearable Device 3/15/2018 Electronic Design
Sudhir Mulpuru, Michael Jackson, and Tapan Shah Sensors at the heart of the matter 03/13/2018
Dragan S. Maric, Reno Rossetti, and Ole Dreessen Get More from Your System with a Cutting-Edge Supervisory IC 03/01/2018 Power Systems Design (Print)
Roland Dorn Addressing ADAS Design Challenges 03/01/2018 Photonics and Imaging (Print)
Bonnie Baker PUF up your IoT security 02/23/2018 EDN
Roland Dorn Delivering High Bandwidth for ADAS and Infotainment Systems 02/14/2018 Electronic Products
Andrew Burt The Next Wave for Digital Health: Better Preventive Care 02/07/2018 Electronic Design
Norberto Sanchez-Dichi and Mohamed Ismail Design small, wearable, battery-powered IoT solutions 02/06/2018 EDN
Fons Janssen Soft Start for Lab Bench Power Supply 02/01/2018 Elektor
Ingo Hehemann and Bakul Damle ModelGauge m5 EZ – Accurate Fuel Gauging Without Battery Characterization 02/01/2018 Design & Elektronik (Print)
Tamer Kira and Daniel Miller How an Accurate Battery Management System Yields Safer Electric Cars 02/01/2018 Electronic Specifier (Cover Story)
Bonnie Baker IoT security: hardware vs software 01/17/2018 EDN
Yann Loisel, Stephane Di Vito, and Emmanuel Puerto Building Security Into IoT Devices with a Software Isolation Solution 01/15/2018 eeNews Europe
Sudhir Mulpuru, Michael Jackson, Tapan Shah Train Your Fitness Monitor to Deal with Any Lighting 01/10/2018 Power Systems Design
Reno Rossetti, Mark Fortunato and Brooks Leman Online Simulator Validates Buck Converter Output Error Budget Analysis 01/09/2018 How2Power
John Woodward Introduction to Control Algorithms in Switching Regulators 12/28/2017 Power Electronics
Cary Delano and Gaurav Mital How a SIMO Power Converter Architecture Extends Battery Life in Wearables 12/28/2017 Electronic Products
Kishore Racherla and Matt Waight Addressing EMI in Electric Cars with Radio Tuner Architecture 12/28/2017 IEEE Explore
Bonnie Baker Settle for the Best 12/20/2017 EDN
Judy Hermann How to Choose the Optimal Wavelength for Your Biosensor Application 12/19/2017 Elektronik
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Achieve Superior Automotive Exterior Lighting with a High-Power Buck LED Controller 12/08/2017 Electronic Design
John Woodward Implementing Synchronous Rectification in Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters 12/08/2017 Power Electronics
Bonnie Baker Cool Down with a Smaller, Lower Power Temperature Sensor 12/01/2017 All About Circuits
Bonnie Baker Achieve High-Accuracy Temperature Measurement in Your Precision Designs 12/01/2017 All About Circuits
Andrew Burt and Michael Jackson Take the Stress Out of Wearable Heart Monitoring 12/01/2017 Planet Analog
Ajay Kuckreja, Andrew Brierley-Green, Reno Rossetti, and Ole Dreessen How to Maximize Your Wireless Sensor's Runtime 11/29/2017 PSD
Mohamed Ismail and Samantha Moore How to Improve the Battery Indicator in Your Next Portable Project 11/27/2017 Electronic Products
Cary Delano, Reno Rossetti Need Longer Battery Life for Hearables and Wearables? Try SIMO Switching Regulators 11/17/2017 Power Electronic Tips
Kris Ardis How We Can Sustain 50 Billion Connected Things 11/15/2017 Electronics Weekly
Bonnie Baker Find the Right PMIC for Your Wearable Systems 11/14/2017 EDN
Michael Jackson Guard Your Portable Device While It Sleeps 11/07/2017 EDN
Mohamed Ismail and Devin Alexander The ABCs of Thermocouples 11/01/2017 PSD
Thong Huynh and Suhel Dhanani Implementing Small, Efficient Power Subsystems for New Li-ion E-Bikes 10/31/2017 Electronics for U
Ian Chen What's in Store for Optical Biosensors Part 2 10/26/2017 EDN
Robert Nicoletti Why Low Quiescent Current Matters for Op Amps 10/17/2017 Electronic Products
Bonnie Baker What's for Dinner? Cooking with a Temperature Sensor 10/16/2017 EDN
Michael Jackson and David Andeen Connect Sensors the Way You Want with a Multi-Channel ADC 10/15/2017 eeDesign Europe
Ian Chen What's in Store for Optical Biosensors Part 1 10/11/2017 EDN
Jia Hu, Sami Nijim, Reno Rossetti Pack More Power in Your Cool, Small Smart-Home Hub 10/04/2017 Bodo's Power Systems
Erin Mannas and Brooks Leman SIMPLIS vs. SPICE: Which is Better for Simulating Power Circuits? 09/20/2017 EDN
Reno Rossetti, Steve Logan, Stuart Smith Cut Your Losses – With an Ideal Diode 09/15/2017 How2Power
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Flexible LED Controller Simplifies Automotive Exterior Lighting Design 09/05/2017 Vehicle Electronics
Mohamed Ismail and Alfredo Medina Using a Power Accumulator for Real-Time Power Measurements 09/01/2017 EDN
Michael Jackson and Sean Long Finally – Digital IO Means Digital IO! 08/15/2017 Electronic Products
Scott Kim, Chad Olson, Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti Hearables Get Longer Life with SIMO 08/03/2017 Power Systems Design
Reno Rossetti and Yin Wu Achieve Superior Automotive Exterior Lighting with a High-Power Buck LED Controller 08/01/2017 Electronic Design
Scott Kim, Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti, Raymond Park Receiver Chip Implements Efficient, Flexible Wireless Charging For Wearables 08/01/2017 How2Power
Judy Hermann How to Choose the Optimal Wavelength for Your Biosensor Application 07/26/2017 Embedded Computing Design
Rayleigh Lan and Antonio Manenti Optimizing Snubber Design Through Frequency-Domain Analysis 07/11/2017 EDN
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti and Yin Wu Synchronous High-Power Buck LED Controller Enables Efficient Automotive Exterior Lighting 06/28/2017 PSD
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti Cooler, Safer Smart Home Hub: What a Difference a Diode Makes 06/26/2017 EECatalog
Meng He Five Things A Boost Converter Can Do that You May Not Know 06/01/2017 Elektronik Industrie
Ashwin Badri Narayanan Why tiny, ultra-low power comparators are ideal for battery monitoring 05/31/2017 EDN
Mohamed Ismail ICs to bring longer battery life to portable devices 05/23/2017 New Electronics
Stephane Di Vito Protect TLS in IoT Devices with Secure Companion ICs 05/16/2017 Electronic Design
Bakul Damle Product How-to: Novel Technology to Accurately Gauge Battery State-of-Charge 05/03/2017 EDN
Pilar Gutierrez and Baker Cleveland Making Meetings More Interactive Through Virtual Technologies 05/01/2017 Perspective Magazine
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti and Meng He Make Your IoT Device Last Longer with a nanoPower Boost Converter 04/24/2017 Power Electronics News
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti, Bakul Damle Choose the Right Battery Fuel Gauge for Fast Time-to-Market and Maximum Run-Time 04/24/2017 EDN Asia
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti, Bakul Damle, Jia Hu How to Make Your IoT Gadget Smaller and Cooler 04/20/2017 EECatalog
Christophe Tremlet and Scott Jones Thwarting hackers on the IoT 04/20/2017 MicrocontrollerTips
Michael Jackson and Sean Long Simplify Your Field-Side Circuitry with an Isolated ADC 04/08/2017 Power Systems Design
Andrew Baker What's Next in Wearable Healthcare Design? 04/06/2017 EECatalog
Gaja Nagarajan Rise of Digital Enterprises 04/06/2017 HR Tech Outlook
Sean Long Induktive Lasten sicher entmagnetisieren 04/01/2017 Elektronik Informationen
Hal Kurkowski and Scott Jones Safeguarding Sensor-Based Systems from Security Breaches 04/01/2017 RTC Magazine
Kris Ardis Make your device unattractive to hackers: Design in security early on 03/30/2017 Embedded Computing Design
Reno Rossetti, Kishore Racherla, Adam Heiberg Choose a Flexible and Scalable Front End Tuner for Your Software Defined Radio 03/29/2017 EE Times Europe
Reno Rossetti and Martin Mason How to Select the Right Digital Temperature Sensor for Your Application 03/21/2017 EDN
Reno Rossetti and Viral Vaidya Driving Industrial Sensors 03/17/2017 Power Systems Design
Dave Andeen Coffee, nanoPower and Building Blocks for the New Smart Energy 03/13/2017 Digi-Key
Hal Kurkowski, Scott Jones Protecting Smart Home Devices from Security Breaches 01/31/2017 EECatalog
Scott Jones Temperature Data Loggers Provide Vital Role to Cold Chain Logistics 01/27/2017 electropages
Michael Jackson, Sean Long Add Robust and Reliable Isolation to Your High Speed SPI Communications 01/01/2017 EDN Europe
Andrew Baker Putting the IoT in Wearable Healthcare Designs 01/01/2017 Electronic Products
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Suresh Hariharan MR16 LED driver makes MR16 LED lamps compatible with most electronic transformers 07/11/2012 Display Plus
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Tunc Doluca Higher integration drives the newest generations of smartphones 01/17/2012 Electronic Products
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Steven Lau Voltage-Controlled Regulator Both Sources and Sinks Current 07/26/2011 Electronic Design
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