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Design solutions provide expert guidance and IC selection advice for your latest design challenges. Increase your understanding of new technologies and how to solve design problems using innovative solutions.

How to Fast-Charge your Supercapacitor
Supercapacitors (or ultracapacitors) are suited for short charge and discharge cycles. They require high currents for fast charge as well as a high voltage with a high number in series as shown in two usage cases: an automatic pallet shuttle and a fail-safe backup system. In these and many other cases, the fast charge is provided by a flexible, high-efficiency, high-voltage, and high-current charger based on a synchronous, step-down, supercapacitor charger controller.

Featured parts: MAX17701

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Don’t Get Cold Feet with Your ASIL-B, Cold-Crank Specifications


In this design solution, we show how a TFT-LCD display backlight can meet the automobile’s toughest requirements. We demonstrate how the automotive backlight driver offers comprehensive diagnostics, I2C capability, and critical circuit redundancy that meet ASIL-B functional safety requirements. A clever design allows the MAX25024 to meet and exceed cold-crank specification for flicker-free automotive display operation. High integration yields a small IC, lower BOM costs, and smaller PCB size.

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Make Wearable and IoT Audio Effortless with a Plug'n'Play Class D Amplifier


Discover a tiny self configuring Class D digitial audio amplifier that provides wearable and IoT devices with maximum audio quality with minimum effort.

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Make Your Automotive Dual USB Type-C Power Delivery Design Cool and Flexible


This design solution reviews the challenges of designing an automotive dual USB Type-C power delivery system. The module temperature rise must be below 40°C. The automotive battery voltage undergoes wide swings. The data lines must be adequately protected, and the design must be flexible and adaptable to different form factors. A buck-boost controller IC and a protection IC chipset enable a small and flexible module that must operate within allowed thermal limits.

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