MAX3980: Equalizing XAUI Backplanes with the MAX3980

Abstract: This discussion explores the performance of the MAX3980 XAUI Equalizer in compensating backplaneinterconnects that operate at 3.125Gbps. This includes testing in the presence of crosstalk. Althoughthe examples in this discussion use 3.125Gbps, the MAX3980 is capable of operating in the range of2.5Gbps to 4Gpbs providing that the data is limited to a consecutive identical digit (CID) length of 7 bits.Optimum performance is achieved with 3b/10b coding (CID <5) as found in the IEEE802.3ae 10GEthernet standard, clause 47. Clause 47 describes an electrical interface called the \"10Gigabit AttachmentUnit Interface.\" This is abbreviated as XAUI. The \"X\" is the Roman numeral for 10.

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