Accurate Fuel Gauging Without Battery Characterization Using ModelGauge m5 EZ Algorithm

Abstract: For conventional fuel gauges, battery characterization is mandatory to obtain acceptable performance due to the large distribution of the electrical properties presented by a wide array of lithium-ion chemistries available in the market. Even for batteries with the same chemistry such as the popular lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), different form factors change the impedance in the batteries that traditionally makes battery characterization a necessary step. ModelGauge m5 EZ fuel gauge configuration is an innovative, adaptive fuel-gauging approach, delivering excellent fuel-gauge performance across many different battery chemistries, capacities, and charge voltages. The accuracy of the underlying robust adaptive algorithm has been proven on Maxim’s exhaustive battery characterization database. ModelGauge m5 EZ eliminates the need for battery characterization, saving resources and time.