CE43A07 - Harmonic Analysis with Phase Shift Vars

Abstract: This application note dicusses the ce43a07 compute engine (ce) code that supports measuring harmonics present on the voltage, current, and the power measurements to use for analysis. This measurement is performed by using a tracking band-pass filter whose center frequency is programmable in the ce code. This ce uses the standard phase shift bilinear integrator for the VAR calculation. This compute engine code will support a 3 phase meter that uses meter equation 5 (EQU = 5). It supports the inputs IA, VA, IB, VB, IC, and VC. This code support current transformers (CT) for sensing phase current. The sample rate for this code is Fs = 2520.62 Hz (32768 Hz/13).The following is a list of standard features this ce code does not support:1.\tInternal temperature compensation.2.\tXPULSE processing.3.\tYPULSE processing.

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