Replacing the 73S8024RN with the 73S8014BN

Abstract: This application note explains how to replace one smart-card interface, the 24-pin Teridian 73S8024RN, with a lower pin count device, the 20-pin 73S8014BN. This document is intended for hardware and software application developers who currently use the Teridian 73S8024RN. Knowledge of the ISO-7816 is required.

The note describes several 73S8024RN features that have been removed or redefined to reduce the pin cont and achieve the lowest cost interface possible on the 73S8014RN. Support for 1.8V smart-card operation, card switch debounce, and power-down functionality was added to the 73S8014RN. The article also presents a dual-footprint implementation using the 73S8024RN and 73S8014BN.

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