Teridian 73S8024C versus NXP TDA8024T

Abstract: This application note explains that the Teridian 73S8024C smart-card interface is available in an 28-pin SO package which is the same as, and is pin compatible with, the NXP® TDA8024T. Teridian also offers the 73S8023C in a tiny 32-pin QFN package (5mm x 5mm).The performance of the Teridian 73S8024C discussed here applies to the 73S8023C IC. Note the pin numbers mentioned in this document are references to the Teridian 73S8024C 28-pin SO package.

The Teridian 73S8024C easily replaces the NXP TDA8024T with only a few minor modifications. This article draws attention to three technical points that are necessary to ensure a successful replacement. Other technical differences that can marginally affect the behavior of the application are reviewed.

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