Proper Power-Supply Jumper Settings for Evaluating the MAX9259/MAX9260 SerDes Chipset

By: Wai Phyo

Abstract: This application note describes the proper power-supply jumper settings for the MAX9259EVKIT and MAX9260EVKIT boards. The five most commonly used jumper configurations are discussed. When the jumpers are configured properly, the user can avoid damage to the MAX9259/MAX9260 serializer/deserializer (SerDes) chipset and the EV kits from a USB or external power source.

The MAX9259/MAX9260 serializer/deserializer (SerDes) chipset features gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) technology. Due to this technology's advanced functionalities, the MAX9259EVKIT/MAX9260EVKIT contain many jumpers.

Normally, the jumper settings mostly affect the functionality of the chipset. However, a combination of improper jumper settings can also damage the MAX9259EVKIT and MAX9260EVKIT. For example, the MAX9259EVKIT's JU9 position 2-3 and shunt installed on JU10 can damage the inductor L101 when powered up with a USB connector. To avoid this type of damage, verify jumper settings before powering on the MAX9259EVKIT/MAX9260EVKIT.

Table 1 describes the five most commonly used jumper configurations of MAX9259EVKIT JU9-JU10 and MAX9260EVKIT JU10-JU11 settings. The table provides the various power-supply options, so designers can use requirements specific to their design.

Table 1. Five Most Commonly Used Jumper Configurations
Configuration Power Supply Shunt Position
JU10 JU9 JU11 JU10
1 Both EV kits powered by MAX9259EVKIT USB connector Installed 1–2 1–2 Installed
2 Both EV kits powered by MAX9260EVKIT USB connector Open 1–2 1–2 Installed
3 MAX9259EVKIT powered by USB connector; MAX9260EVKIT powered by external power supplies Installed 1–2 Open Open
4 MAX9259EVKIT powered by external power supplies; MAX9260EVKIT powered by USB connector Open Open 1–2 Installed
5 Both EV kits powered by external power supplies Open 2–3 2–3 Open

The power-supply portion of MAX9259EVKIT schematic is shown in Figure 1 and the MAX9260 power-supply portion is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. Power-supply portion of MAX9259EVKIT schematic.
Figure 1. Power-supply portion of MAX9259EVKIT schematic.

Figure 2. Power-supply portion of MAX9260EVKIT schematic.
Figure 2. Power-supply portion of MAX9260EVKIT schematic.

The microcontroller that initializes audio peripherals like the S/PDIF-to-I²S converter and the audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC) on the EV kit is powered with USB+5V. Therefore special attention is needed to evaluate the MAX9259/MAX9260 with the audio I²S function, which is achieved by using jumper configurations 3 to 5 of Table 1. USB+5V needs an external 5V power supply to power up the microcontroller.
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