DS2155 and DS26401 Software Comparison

Abstract: Application Note 403 describes the software considerations when migrating an existing design based on the DS2155 T1/E1/J1 single chip transceiver (SCT) to the DS26401 T1/E1/J1 octal framer. In comparison, the Dallas Semiconductor DS26401 octal framer uses a completely revised architecture, contains eight independent framers, and the device package is only 50% larger in area than the DS2155. While the DS2155 does include an integrated line interface unit (LIU), the DS26401 will seamlessly interface will all Dallas Semiconductor T1/E1/J1 LIU devices. Any designer who is thinking of migrating an existing design to use the DS26401 should read this application note. The application note contains detailed information for software migration such as: register location changes, how individual functions have changed from the DS2155 to the DS26401, and which new functions are available on the DS26401. In the end, the designer should have enough information to easily migrate an existing design to the DS26401.