NV SRAM Device Programmers

Abstract: This application note lists third-party vendors who manufacture programmers for the Dallas Semiconductor NV SRAM modules.


Customers often ask how to transfer data to and from our NV SRAM modules. To help answer those questions, we compiled a list of third-party vendors who manufacture programmers which support many of our NV SRAM module devices. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but instead serves as a starting point when looking for a device programmer.

List of NV SRAM Programmer Vendors

Vendor Name* Vendor Contact Information
BPM Microsystems
Data I/O
B+K Precision®
EE Tools
Needham's Electronics
Minato Electronics Inc.

*Valid as of February 2007.

All vendors listed above either currently manufacture, or used to manufacture device programmers which support Dallas Semiconductor NV SRAM modules. The vendors are listed in no special order. Please refer to each company's website for specific device programmer information. The links to the vendor websites were verified to be accurate at the time this application note was written.

If you wish to suggest additions or corrections to this list, please contact our Technical Support staff.

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