T3/E3 MUX/DS3112/Hardware Connections\r\n

Abstract: This application note shows a normal configuration between the DS3112 E13 Mux and the devices to which it would normally connect. For better understanding of the hardware connections, this application note detailed the DS3112 pin connections to the Dallas Semiconductor E1 Framer, the DS21FF44. The same connections would apply to the Dallas T1 Framer, the DS21FF42. A solution to multiplex 28 T1s to one DS3 would require both the DS21FF42 (16-framer device) and the DS21FT42 (12-framer device). Only the DS21FF44 (16-framer device) is required to go from E1 to E3 because 16 E1 lines are needed for one E3. Also, connections are shown from the DS21FF44 to the DS3134, which illustrate the use of Interleaved Bus Operation (IBO) on the DS21FF44. This connection demonstrates the configuration of the DS3112 to the Dallas T3/E3 LIU, the DS3150.

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