DS2460 in a SHA-1 Secure System

Abstract: The DS2460 SHA-1 coprocessor with EEPROM is a low-cost alternative to the DS1963S SHA iButton. Due to its optimized architecture, the DS2460 is easier to use, has a smaller footprint, and allows more flexibility. This application note compares the DS2460 with the DS1963S. Several topics are presented: definition of a SHA-1 secure system, including architecture and examples; instructions for making a host secure with a DS2460 coprocessor; authentication and signing MACs; installing secrets in the coprocessor and keeping them safe; and how to convert the small cash system of White Paper 1 from the DS1963S to the DS2460 coprocessor.

Also see application note 1820, " White Paper 1: SHA Devices Used in Small Cash Systems."

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