DS2152, DS2154 Clock Map

Abstract: Application note 354 provides a logical diagram of the clock map of the Maxim DS2154 and DS2152 single chip transceivers (SCTs).

Figure 1 logically describes the clock map of the DS2152 and DS2154 Single Chip Transceivers. Although there is only one Jitter Attenuator, which can be placed in the receive or transmit path, two are shown for simplification and clarity.

Figure 1. Clock map.
Figure 1. Clock map.


The PAYLOAD loopback switch is not included on the DS2154.

LTCA = Long Term Clock Average
  RLB = Remote LoopBackJAS = Jitter Attenuator Select
  FLB = Framer LoopBackDJA = Disable Jitter Attenuator
  PLB = Payload LoopBackRCL = Receive Carrier Loss
  LLB = Local LoopbackLOTCMC = Loss Of Transmit Clock Mux Control
RXCLK = Recovered clock from LIU
TXCLK = Transmit rate clock for LIU
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