Using the MAX4399 for Two SCART Connectors with Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs

By: Marvin Li

Abstract: The MAX4399 is an audio/video switch matrix with integrated video driver. It supports up to three SCART connectors. It is a great fit for an application that requires two SCART connectors and extra audio/video inputs and outputs.

In Europe, many satellite receivers and cable set top boxes have TV and VCR SCART connectors (along with the S-video output, CVBS output and a pair of audio left and right outputs). The MAX4399 is a great way to provide the interconnect.

The MAX4399 is an audio/video switch matrix with integrated video drivers It supports up to three SCART connectors (TV SCART, VCR SCART and Auxiliary SCART). The auxiliary SCART audio and video inputs/outputs can be used in the above application.

Figure 1 shows the connection diagram with the MAX4399. The auxiliary audio/video outputs of the MAX4399 are connected to the S-video connector, CVBS, and R/L audio output RCA jacks. If there are no extra audio/video inputs presented, the auxiliary input pins shouldn't be floated. They should be biased to minimize the input noise as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.
Figure 1.

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