DS2151, DS2153 Interfacing to the AT&T T7270

Abstract: Application Note 304 provides a logical diagram of the interface of the Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim DS2151 T1 single chip transceiver (SCT) and DS2153 E1 SCT to the AT&T T7270.


  1. CMS = 0 in the T7270.
  2. Gate #1 is used to condition the frame sync to meet the timing requirements of the T7270.
  3. In the master, no elastic stores are enabled; in the slave, both the receive and the transmit side elastic stores are enabled.
  4. A "loop-timed" application is shown.
  5. In the master, RCHBLK is programmed to go high during the last channel.
  6. Timing is shown below:

Next Steps
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