DS1086 Frequency Calculator and Frequency Calculation Algorithm

By: Brian Vasquez

Abstract: The DS1086 is a processor peripheral, low-EMI EconOscillator that has a programmable frequency from 66MHz to 133MHz with programmable spread options of 0%, 2%, and 4%. This document provides supplementary information as an aid to the software developer to simplify developing code to interface to the DS1086's 2-wire bus either via an embedded processor or PC. It contains algorithms and code examples not found in the data sheet to simply the code development and integration tasks for the engineer. It also includes a link to an online frequency calculator which permits a quick evaluation of the DS1086 to determine if the frequency/spread options desired for a specific application are possible without a lot of effort by the software, hardware, or system engineer. It also contains a theory of operation section that describes the architecture of the DS1086 to give these engineers an intuitive understanding of the operation of the device to aid in evaluation and integration into an application.

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