Using the DS5250 as a Drop-In Upgrade for the DS5002

Abstract: The DS5250 high-speed secure microcontroller in the 80-pin quad flat pack (QFP) package is a pin-compatible, high-performance upgrade for the DS5002FP. Upgrading from the DS5002FP to the DS5250 provides higher performance, tighter security and an expanded feature set without requiring changes to the existing hardware design.

Benefits of upgrading include faster execution (up to 25MHz on the DS5250), improved triple DES encryption of program memory, and a 4096-bit modular accelerator engine to support public-key cryptography algorithms such as RSA. Expanded internal SRAM, additional clock modes, and dual data pointers increase flexibility when writing application code. Software developed for the DS5002FP can be ported directly to the DS5250 with only minimal changes required.