Guide and Index to Fiber/HF Communications Notes

Abstract: This guide will explain the numbering system HF/Fiber uses for application notes, design notes, technical articles and reference designs.

Fiber/HF Communications notes have been assigned alphanumeric numbers that distinguish the subject matter contained in each note. The first four letters of each number defines the category of the note, according to the following designation:

HFAN — Application Note
HFDN — Design Note
HFTA — Technical Article
HFRD — Reference Design

The application notes (HFAN) normally relate to the use of more that one group of parts and are not Maxim-part-specific. Numeric assignment is given based on the following categorization of subject matter:

HFAN 1 High Speed Digital Interfaces
HFAN 2 Transmitter Interfacing
HFAN 3 Receiver Interfacing
HFAN 4 Jitter
HFAN 4.5 Measuring Jitter
HFAN 5 High-Speed Measurements
HFAN 6 High-Speed Signal Integrity
HFAN 7 HF Board Design
HFAN 8 Mechanical Assembly and Thermal Issues
HFAN 9 System

The design notes (HFDN) are related to a specific Maxim part (or family). Numbers are assigned consecutively as the notes are generated.

The technical article notes (HFTA) cover other general technical areas and are assigned consecutive numbers.

The reference design notes (HFRD) cover the use of multiple parts, assembled into a complete functional design (PCB) that offers a solution to a particular design need. Numbers are assigned consecutively as the notes are generated.