EV Kit Software
DSM Sound Studio V2
Software Version:  2.0.0
File Name:  DSMSoundStudio_v2.0.129.msi  
Description:  DSM Sound Studio is the main GUI tool for speaker parameter extraction, tuning, and customizing the DSM settings in MAX98390.
Use only the standard Evaluation Software (MAX98390 EVKit GUI) to make changes to amplifier configurations such as boost voltage, current limit, etc.
DSM Sound Studio enables a quick demo, ultra-fast speaker characterization, tuning, and easy evaluation of different speakers and different tunes.
DSM Sound Studio V2 offers a better user experience with more detailed contextual help, improved parameter extraction, and expanded stereo functionality for easy, self-guided design.
Operating Systems Supported:  Windows 10
Required Hardware:  MAX98390EVSYS# (revisions MAX98390CEVSYS#, MAX98390DEVSYS#); MAX98390-ST-AUX# (revisions MAX98390C-ST-AUX#, MAX98390D-ST-AUX#)
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