MAX1202 Serial 12-Bit ADC EV Kit SW
Software Version:  1.4.0
File Name:  Setup MAX1202V1.4.0 EV Kit SW.ZIP  
Description:  The MAX1202 are 12-bit data-acquisition systems specifically designed for use in applications with mixed 5V (analog) and 3V (digital) supply voltages. This Software can bed used to evaluate the MAX1202 using MAX1202EVL11 (MAX1202EVKIT plus 68L11DMODULE).
Operating Systems Supported:  Windows 98,Windows 2000
Required Hardware:  MAX125EVB16 (MAX125EVKIT plus 68HC16MOD) (revisions REV-A); MAX126EVB16 (MAX126EVKIT plus 68HC16MOD) (revisions REV-A); MAX147EVC16-DIP (revisions REV-A); MAX147EVC32-DIP (revisions REV-A); MAX180EVKIT-DIP (revisions REV-A); MAX1117EVL11 (MAX1117EVKIT, 68L11DMODULE (revisions REV-A); MAX1202EVL11(MAX1202EVKIT,68L11DMODULE) (revisions REV-A)
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Notes:  Download and unzip file. Run install.exe to install program.